How to Breed a Trox My Singing Monsters? – 2024 Guide

Breed a Trox in My Singing Monsters

My Singing Monsters is a hit game that has become incredibly popular over the last few years. The game involves collecting, breeding, and battling monsters to create unique musical compositions. It’s no secret that I’m an avid fan of My Singing Monsters, and one of my favorite things is to breed a trox my singing monsters.

For those unfamiliar with the game, breeding Trox involves carefully selecting two monsters of different elements and performing some special moves to create a new generation of Trox. Breeding a Trox is essential to any successful My Singing Monsters team, so let’s learn about my singing monsters breed trox.

Who is T-rox?

Who is T-rox in My Singing Monsters

Trox is one of the rarest monsters in My Singing Monsters, and they have some special characteristics which make them incredibly valuable. They are characterized by their large eyes, two long horns on their head, and their ability to fly. Their bodies are covered in colorful fur with patterns of stripes and spots. Like other monsters in the game, Trox has different rarity levels which range from Common to Epic. The higher the rarity level of a Trox, the more powerful it will be in battle.

The importance of t rox my singing monsters breed cannot be understated. If you have a high-level Trox on your team, you will have access to powerful abilities that your opponents won’t have access to. Furthermore, having a high-level Trox increases your chances of winning battles against other players since its special abilities give it an edge over other monsters.

Preparing to Breed a Trox My Singing Monsters

Prior to starting how to breed at rox in my singing monsters, it is important to follow the preparation steps.

Mammoth+ Fwog in My singing Monsters(Mammott and Fwog are able to breed the t-rox monster.)

Toe Jammer+ Drumpler(Toe Jammer and Drumpler are capable of breeding T-rox monsters.)

Noggin in My Singing Monsters+ Maw(Noggin and Maw create t-rox monsters.)

T-Rox Egg:

T-Rox Egg to breed a trox my singing monsters

T-Rox Lives Here:

  • Plant Island
  • Air Island
  • Gold Island

How to Breed a Trox in My Singing Monsters?

Now that you understand what makes Troxs so special, check in my singing monsters how to breed a t rox. Here are some tips for breeding them successfully:

  • Use Rare or Epic eggs when possible – These eggs offer better odds at hatching a high-level t rox my singing monsters than regular eggs do.
  • Make sure you’re using the right type of food – Different types of food increase different stats, so make sure you use the right kind when feeding your monster.
  • Hit refresh often – Refresh your egg stocks frequently, as this allows you to get new eggs with increased chances of hatching rarer monsters.
  • Spend coins wisely – Coins can help speed up the breeding process, so ensure you spend them wisely on things that will benefit you the most.
  • Don’t forget about decorations – Decorations can attract rarer creatures, so make sure you include them when building your habitat.

The Likes of T-rox

T-Rox is a Monster that takes pleasure in different items. If any of these liked items are placed near the Monster, its happiness will rise by 25%. If a Unity Tree is on the island, the Monster can enjoy these items without being up close. Placing any of the below items around T-rox will immediately boost its spirits and help breed a trox my singing monsters.

  • Bloofi Tree
  • Congle (level 7)
  • Potbelly (requires level 9)
  • Dragoon Statue
  • Piney Tree

Combining T-Rox with Other Monsters for Breeding

The following is a comprehensive my singing monsters breeding guide trox with other monsters.

Potbelly+T rox = entbratPotbelly and T-Rox and can breed Entbrat.

T rox+ entbrat= GhaztT-rox and Entbrat can breed the Ghazt monster.

Bowgart+Trox=PunkletonBowgart and T-rox can breed the punkleton monster.

T rox+Tweedle =RiffT-Rox and Tweedle can breed the Riff monster.

Riff+T rox=ReebroRiff and T-rox can breed the Reebro monster.

Troubleshooting Common Issues When Breeding a Trox

Breeding a Trox in My Singing Monsters is a rewarding experience, but it can be tricky. There are some issues that a player like myself has encountered. Let’s look at how to troubleshoot them

  • Using incompatible monster combinations: Make sure to double-check the homepage before attempting to breed a Trox, and use monsters from the same family class.
  • Not knowing which monster combinations to use: Consider the species and attributes of each parent monster when choosing your breeding partners. Some combinations will give better results than others. To determine this, check the homepagelinkhere.
  • Poor timing: It’s important to time your breeding attempts carefully; if both parent monsters are on cooldown simultaneously, it may take longer for your Trox to be produced due to fewer available parents.


In order to successfully breed a trox my singing monsters, you must take careful consideration of both parent monster combinations and timing strategies. By following this guide, you can successfully breed your own Troxes no matter what type you’re aiming for. Remember to keep track of which monsters they breed with and try new combinations until you find the perfect match. Best of luck in creating your own musical monster and have fun.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. What monsters breed to make a T-Rox?

To make a T-Rox, you need to breed Maw and Noggin in Monster Legends. This is a triple-element Monster that takes 8 hours to hatch and is unlocked on Plant Island. Its breeding combination of two Legendary Monsters produces an unprecedentedly powerful creature with three different elements.

Q2. How do you breed a rare trox in My Singing Monsters?

To breed a trox my singing monsters with rare genetics, combine two monsters such as Noggin and Maw, which are both Earth Element monsters. However, breeding higher-level monsters like Toe Jammer and Drumpler will increase your chances of obtaining a rare trox variant. Lastly, combining Mammott and Fwog can also produce a rare trox egg.

Q3. What does Bowgart and T-Rox breed?

Bowgart and T-Rox breed G’joob, a unique combination of the two monsters. G’joob has features of both its parents, including a scaly tail and antlers from Bowgart and claws and spikes on its head from T-Rox. It is incredibly fast and can shoot fireballs from its mouth.

Q4. What do you get if you breed a T-Rox and a Potbelly?

If you breed a T-Rox and a Potbelly, you will get an Entbrat offspring. This hybrid creature has common rarity, featuring characteristics of both its parents. The Entbrat also has stubby legs and chunky arms.


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