An Ultimate Guide on How to Breed a Tweedle in My Singing Monsters

Do you love My Singing Monsters but struggle to breed a tweedle? Breeding a tweedle is fun, and it’s not always easy. However, Tweedle does not require any specific breeding combination and can be bred in various ways. This blog post will explain how to breed a tweedle My Singing Monsters, including purchasing it from the market, breeding it from eggs, and more. Let’s get started.

Who is Tweedle in My Singing Monster?

who is tweedle in my singing monsters

Tweedle is an enchanting single-element monster in the beloved game My Singing Monsters. It is a stunning sight to behold, with vibrant purple plumage and touches of orangish pink on its crest, tail, and wings. 

They are flighty creatures that love to spread whispers and gossip, keeping the social life on their island interesting and players curious about how to get tweedle in my singing monsters. But its beauty is not just skin-deep; Tweedle is known for its charming personality and love of spreading whispers and gossip among the monster community.

How to Breed a Tweedle on My Singing Monsters?

how to breed a tweedle my singing monsters

With their striking purple plumage, orangish-pink crest and tail, bat-like ears, and yellow eyes, it’s no wonder they’re such a popular choice. As for how to make a tweedle in my singing monsters, you have two options:

  • Pango with a Mammot
  • PomPom with a Tweedle

Note: Players can not breed their first tweedle. Instead, they can purchase it from the market on Cold Island for 300 in-game currency. 

Tweedle Egg

Tweedle egg

Tweedle lives here

Once you explore how to breed tweedle in my singing monsters, you’ll be delighted to discover that Tweedle lives in Cold Island. However, they are able to be brought to the following islands:

  • Earth Island
  • Water Island
  • Air Island
  • Fire Oasis
  • Composer Island
  • The Colossingum
  • Tribal Island
  • Gold Island

Likes of Tweedle

My singing monsters Tweedle have quite an eclectic taste. They find joy in various objects, unique and fascinating in their own way. And for every item they like, their happiness increases by a stunning 25 percent.

  • Firstly, Bowgarts are a surefire way to brighten up a Tweedle’s day. But take note, your Tweedle should be at least level 9 for this to work.
  • Then, there’s the charming Cybop, and for this one, you have a bit more wiggle room as they only require a level 7 Tweedle.
  • Our mystical friend also has a soft spot for Wynqs. To make your Tweedle extra content, place Wynqs near it and revel in its happiness.
  • Now, if you happen to have a Reflecting Pool, you’re in luck.
  • And last but not least, Tweedles are rather fond of the Harpsitree at level 14.

Feeding Requirements:

To earn maximum coins and level up Tweedle monsters, they must be fed four times. This process is crucial in increasing the monster’s earning potential.

Monster Variations:

When you breed a tweedle my singing monsters, it comes in two versions, the Rare and Epic. Breeding two Tweedles yields a Rare Tweedle, while an Epic Tweedle is obtainable through special events or purchases.

Coin Prices:

Buying a Tweedle costs 300 coins, while selling it yields 225 coins. In Composer Island, the buying price is 2,000 coins, and the selling price is 1,500 coins, while in The Colossingum, Tweedle is obtainable at 25 diamonds.

Breeding Time:

After exploring my singing monsters how to breed a tweedle, we also need to consider breeding time. By default, it is four hours. However, enhanced breeding can reduce the period to three hours.

Placement XP:

Placing a Tweedle on your island earns you 150 XP.

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The steps to breed a tweedle my singing monsters are complex, but it’s necessary to progress in the game and add some fun elements to your island. By understanding the breeding requirements and breeding combinations, you can increase your chances of success. Keep trying, and soon you’ll have a tweedle singing on your musical island.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. What monsters breed Tweedle?

Tweedles can be bred by using a Pango and a Mammot, or by breeding a PomPom with another Tweedle. These charming monsters can’t be bred as the first monster, so players can acquire their initial Tweedle from Cold Island’s market for 300 in-game currency.

Q2. How long does a Tweedle take to breed?

The default incubation period for Tweedle breeding is four hours. However, through advanced breeding techniques, it is possible to reduce this time to three hours.

Q3. How do you breed riff and Tweedle?

To breed Riff and Tweedle, one must have a T-Rox and either purchase Tweedle from the market on Cold Island or hatch it from an already-placed egg on the player’s island. Then, place both monsters in the breeding structure and wait for the breeding process to complete.

Q4. What are the hardest monsters to breed in My Singing Monsters?

In addition to the Epic Kayna, several other monsters challenge breeders. These include the Rare Wubbox, the Dipsters, and the Seasonal Monsters. Successfully breeding these monsters requires persistence, strategy, and luck.


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