Breeding a Tlioc and Courtney Combination

What do you get when you breed a Tlioc and Courtney in My Singing Monsters 2?

I’ve been playing My Singing Monsters 2 for a while now and have really gotten into the strategic elements of breeding monsters. As we all know, breeding is essential for collecting new monsters and progressing in the game. I wanted to focus this post specifically on breeding two interesting monsters – the Tlioc and Courtney. What special monster do you get when you combine these two? Let’s dive in and find out!

What do you get when you breed a Tlioc and Courtney in My Singing Monsters 2?

What do you get when you breed a Tlioc and Courtney in My Singing Monsters 2?

I searched all over online to find information about breeding a Tlioc and Courtney together in My Singing Monsters 2. Unfortunately, I couldn’t find any definitive details on the results of this specific combination. Most of the search results just covered the basics of breeding without mentioning this unique pair. It seems that the outcome of breeding these two monsters together remains a mystery for now! More research will need to be done by the My Singing Monsters community to uncover what is produced from this intriguing mix. I’m excited to see if any fellow players can crack this puzzle!

Breeding Basics in My Singing Monsters

Before we speculate too much on the Tlioc and Courtney, let’s go over some breeding fundamentals first.

Breeding Structures

All breeding in My Singing Monsters 2 takes place in specific structures designed for combining monsters. The standard Breeding Structure is available from the start of the game. Upgrading to an Enhanced Breeding Structure reduces breeding times by 25%.

Wishing Torches are important items that can be placed around breeding structures. Having more torches increases your chances of successfully breeding rare monsters. They are definitely worth investing in if you want to breed some epic monsters!

Breeding Times

One thing to keep in mind is that each monster has its own breeding time. Common monsters breed the fastest, followed by rare, epic, and seasonal monsters. Legendary monsters take the longest time to breed. Patience is key, as breeding some monsters can take over a day in real time!

Breeding Combinations

The key to getting new monsters is combining them in the right ways. Generally, pairing two common elements has a chance to produce the monster associated with that element. For example, breeding plant and cold monsters could result in a Thumpies.

Rare monsters are produced by breeding the same monster types together – like two Drumplers. Combining a rare monster with its common version is also possible.

Epic monsters have the lowest chance of breeding. You need to breed the rare and common variants of the same monster to have a shot. So breeding a normal Mammott with a Rare Mammott can produce an Epic Mammott after a long wait.

There are guides available online that list all the possible combinations for each monster type and rarity. This is invaluable when aiming for a specific result.

Monster Element Class Cost Breeding Combination Breeding Time
Noggin Earth Natural 300 coins N/A 5 seconds
Mammott Cold Natural 300 coins N/A 2 minutes
Toe Jammer Water Natural 250 coins N/A 1 minute

Tips for Successful Breeding

Now that we’ve covered the basics, here are some tips and tricks I’ve learned for improved breeding success.

Using Wishing Torches

As mentioned earlier, Wishing Torches directly increase your odds of breeding rare and epic monsters. Maximize their effect by placing as many torches as possible around your Breeding Structure before attempting a difficult combination. Upgrading torches also amplifies their impact.

Upgrading Breeding Structures

Spending diamonds to upgrade Breeding Structures is costly, but very worthwhile. The Enhanced Breeding Structure’s 25% reduction to breeding times quickly pays off. When trying repeatedly to breed rare monsters, those extra tries enabled by the reduced wait period really improve your chances. Upgrading is a smart long-term investment.

Breeding Strategies

Here are some of my top tips for approaching tricky breeding:

  • Focus on breeding one monster at a time instead of randomly combining monsters. This improves your odds.
  • Prioritize pairing a common monster with its rare version before attempting two rares.
  • Use monsters with short breeding times like Noggin to quickly try over and over.
  • Have patience and persist even with low success rates at first. Your chances compound over many attempts.

My Singing Monsters Breeding Guide

Here I’ll provide some specific breeding tables to illustrate example combinations for natural and seasonal monsters.

Natural Breeding

Common Monster 1 Common Monster 2 Possible Result
Toe Jammer Mammott Noggin
Potbelly Kayna Thumpies
Fwog Oaktopus Pango

Rare Seasonal Breeding

Monster 1 Monster 2 Possible Result
Rare Deedge Rare Yool Epic Yool
Rare Floogull Rare Repatillo Epic Repatillo
Rare Boodoo Rare Astropod Epic Astropod

These are just a sampling of potential combinations – many more are possible! Consult specialized breeding guides for a complete list based on each monster.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I increase my chances of breeding rare monsters?

Use as many Wishing Torches as possible around your Breeding Structure. Also, upgrade structures to decrease breeding time. This allows you to fit in more breeding attempts.

What is the Enhanced Breeding Structure?

The Enhanced Breeding Structure reduces breeding times by 25% compared to the standard version. This allows you to breed monsters faster.

How do I breed epic monsters?

Epic monsters can only be bred by combining the rare and common versions of the same monster. For example, pairing a normal Mammott with a rare Mammott can produce an epic Mammott after a long breeding time.

What are Wishing Torches?

Wishing Torches are items that increase your chances of successfully breeding rare and epic monsters when placed near breeding structures.

How do I upgrade my breeding structure?

You can spend 25 diamonds to upgrade your Breeding Structure to the enhanced version. This will reduce breeding times by 25% which is extremely useful.

What factors affect breeding times?

The rarity of the monster being bred affects how long it takes. Common monsters breed fastest, followed by rare, epic, legendary, and seasonal monsters which take the longest.

Can I breed rare and common monsters together?

Yes, you can breed rare monsters with their common counterparts. This is actually recommended when trying to breed epic monsters!


And there you have it – a detailed overview of breeding fundamentals, strategies, and combinations in My Singing Monsters 2. While the specific results of mixing a Tlioc and Courtney still remain a mystery, this guide should provide a solid foundation for breeding success. Experiment, be patient, invest in structures and torches, and persist through low odds – these are the keys to mastering My Singing Monsters breeding. I hope these tips help you unlock new monsters and progress through this fun and challenging game! Let me know if you happen to crack the Tlioc-Courtney code…


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