Earth Island Breeding: A Guide to My Singing Monsters

Earth Island Breeding: A Guide to My Singing Monsters

I’ve been an avid player of My Singing Monsters for years now, and one of my favorite islands to explore is the mystical Earth Island. With its wide-open spaces, natural ambience, and unique breed of monsters, Earth Island offers a one-of-a-kind experience in the game. In this comprehensive guide, I’ll provide beginner and experienced Monster Masters alike with everything you need to know about unlocking Earth Island’s secrets and mastering its breeding strategies. So’ let’s start. 

What is Earth Island Breeding?

What is Earth Island breeding?

For those new to the game, breeding is essential for populating your islands with new monsters. By combining monsters with particular elements, you have the chance to produce offspring with traits from each parent. Earth Island breeding follows the same principles, but with a twist – only monsters with the Earth, Cold, Air, and Plant elements can exist here. Without Water available, Earth Island has a distinct selection of monsters you can produce.

Understanding the elements is key for strategic breeding. Pay close attention to your monsters’ elements when choosing parent pairs to determine which offspring are possible. With clever combinations, you can efficiently breed all of Earth Island’s regular, rare, epic, and special monsters.

Monster Level Breeding Time Elements
Noggin 1 5 seconds Earth
Mammott 2 2 minutes Cold
Clamble 4 8 hours Earth, Cold, Plant
Cybop 7 2 hours Air, Earth
Dandidoo 9 8 hours Plant, Air
Drumpler 4 8 hours Cold, Air
Furcorn 2 30 minutes Plant, Cold
Hoola 9 12 hours Air, Plant
Humbug 9 12 hours Earth, Air
Pango 9 8 hours Cold, Air
Pompom 7 6 hours Air, Plant
Potbelly 4 8 hours Earth, Plant
Quarrister 9 12 hours Earth, Cold, Plant, Air
Reedling 9 8 hours Air, Plant, Earth
Shrubb 7 8 hours Plant, Earth
Thumpies 9 8 hours Cold, Air
Tweedle 2 4 hours Air

Unlocking Earth Island

Before you can start earth island breeding, you’ll need to unlock the island itself. After purchasing and sufficiently populating Plant Island and Cold Island, Earth Island becomes available for 250,000 coins. Once open, a whole new world of breeding potential awaits you.

Earth Island’s Unique Features

In addition to its breeding limitations, Earth Island has other features that make it a one-of-a-kind experience. Its natural themes come to life through the island’s ambient sounds of birds chirping, grass rustling, and gentle winds. Earth Island’s song is a relaxed, folky tune using instruments like acoustic guitar, clarinet, and tambourine. Collecting all the monsters here gives you an island-exclusive song, as well.

Indigenous Monsters of Earth Island

Earth Island is home to 32 indigenous monsters covering four natural elements:

Monster levels and breeding times

The monsters on Earth Island range from common to ethereal, with breeding times from as short as 30 seconds to as long as two days. Here’s a quick overview of the levels and incubation times:

  • Common monsters: Potbelly, Fwog, Oaktopus, Mammott – 30 seconds to breed
  • Rare monsters: Quarrister, PomPom – 4 hours to breed
  • Epic monsters: Congle, Shugabush – 10 hours to breed
  • Ethereal monsters: Humbug, Brump – 1 day to breed
  • Supernatural monsters: Bulbo, Blight – 2 days to breed

Monster elements

The key to successful breeding is understanding which elemental combinations can produce which monsters. Here are the main elements present on Earth Island:

  • Earth – Potbelly, Quarrister, Congle, Humbug, Bulbo
  • Cold – Fwog, PomPom, Shugabush, Brump, Blight
  • Air – Oaktopus, Mammott
  • Plant – Potbelly, Oaktopus, PomPom, Congle, Humbug

Notice that some monsters have dual elements, which expands their breeding options. Keeping these core elements in mind will help you pick suitable parent pairs.

Breeding Strategies for Earth Island

Now that we’ve covered the basics, let’s get into some tips and tricks for efficient breeding on Earth Island.

Best Breeding Combinations

Here are some ideal parent pairings for quickly breeding particular monsters:

  • Potbelly – Oaktopus + Mammott
  • Fwog – Potbelly + Oaktopus
  • Quarrister – Potbelly + Fwog
  • Oaktopus – Potbelly + Mammott
  • PomPom – Fwog + Potbelly
  • Congle – Oaktopus + Quarrister
  • Shugabush – Fwog + PomPom
  • Humbug – Oaktopus + Congle
  • Brump – Quarrister + Shugabush
  • Bulbo – Congle + PomPom
  • Blight – Shugabush + Humbug

Following these specific combinations gives you the highest chance of breeding that monster.

Monster Best Breeding Combination
Noggin N/A
Mammott N/A
Clamble Noggin + Mammott
Cybop Noggin + Tweedle
Dandidoo Tweedle + Potbelly
Drumpler Mammott + Tweedle
Furcorn Mammott + Noggin
Hoola Pango + Pompom
Humbug Tweedle + Noggin
Pango Mammott + Tweedle
Pompom Tweedle + Potbelly
Potbelly Noggin + Mammott
Quarrister Clamble + Reedling
Reedling Tweedle + Noggin
Shrubb Noggin + Potbelly
Thumpies Mammott + Tweedle
Tweedle N/A

Breeding rare, epic, and Special Monsters

The rare, epic, and special monsters require some extra strategy:

  • Rare monsters like Quarrister have boosted chances during tribal events on their home islands.
  • Epic monsters like Shugabush need special combinations of three or four elements to breed.
  • Limited monsters like the supernatural Bulbo and Blight can only be bred during specific seasonal events.

So pay close attention to in-game events for your best shot at these elite breeds.

Earth Island Breeding Chart

For a comprehensive overview of all possible monster combinations, refer to this earth island breeding chart:

Potbelly + Oaktopus = Fwog or Mammott Fwog + Potbelly = Quarrister or PomPom
Oaktopus + Mammott = Potbelly Potbelly + PomPom = Congle Oaktopus + Quarrister = Congle or Shugabush
Fwog + PomPom = Shugabush or Brump Quarrister + Shugabush = Humbug or Bulbo Congle + PomPom = Bulbo or Blight Shugabush + Humbug = Blight

This covers all the basic breeding options. Remember, rare and special monsters have lower chances outside of special events.

Monster Breeding Requirements
Noggin N/A
Mammott N/A
Clamble Earth, Cold, Plant
Cybop Air, Earth
Dandidoo Plant, Air
Drumpler Cold, Air
Furcorn Plant, Cold
Hoola Air, Plant
Humbug Earth, Air
Pango Cold, Air
Pompom Air, Plant
Potbelly Earth, Plant
Quarrister Earth, Cold, Plant, Air
Reedling Air, Plant, Earth
Shrubb Plant, Earth
Thumpies Cold, Air
Tweedle Air

Optimizing Your Earth Island Breeding Adventure

Here are some tips to get the most out of breeding on Earth Island:

  • Use monster combinations that give the best odds for your desired outcome. Refer often to the breeding chart in this guide.
  • Level up your breeding monsters and structures to increase breeding speed and success rate.
  • Take advantage of in-game events like tribal islands, seasonals, and limited-time monsters to get rare breeds.
  • Be patient and persistent! Sometimes it takes many tries to get that elusive monster. Stick with it.
  • Have fun exploring all the cool new monsters you can create on Earth Island!

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I unlock Earth Island?

You can unlock Earth Island for 250,000 coins after you’ve purchased and sufficiently populated Plant Island and Cold Island. It’s one of the later natural islands made available in the game.

Can I breed monsters with the Water element on Earth Island?

No, because Earth Island lacks the Water element, you cannot breed any monster that requires Water, like Drumpler, Cybop, or Pango. Only Earth, Cold, Air, and Plant monsters can live here.

What are the best breeding combinations for Earth Island monsters?

Refer to the breeding combinations chart provided in this guide for the monster pairs that give you the highest chance of breeding each Earth Island monster. For example, Fwog + Potbelly is ideal for breeding Quarrister quickly.

 How can I breed rare, epic, and special monsters on Earth Island?

The best way to breed these elite monsters is to take advantage of limited-time events when their breeding odds are increased, such as tribal islands for rare Quarrister, seasonal events for epics like Shugabush, and special occasions like Halloween for supernatural monsters.

What is the significance of monster elements in breeding?

The elemental combinations determine which offspring are possible from a pair of parent monsters. To breed the monster you want, you need to choose parents with the correct elements that can produce that element mix in their offspring.

How can I optimize my Earth Island breeding adventure?

Use the breeding chart andcombinations here to pick ideal parent pairs. Level up your monsters and breeding structures. Watch for in-game events that boost rare and special breeding odds. Most importantly, be patient and persistent to get that dream monster!


And there you have it – everything you need to know about crafting fresh and exciting monsters through earth island breeding. From fundamental elements to advanced tips and tricks, I hope this guide provides the insights you need to make your breeding strategy on Earth Island masterful. Trust me, with the right approach you’ll be populating your island with amazing natural monsters in no time. So get out there, sing your heart out, and fill your Earth Island with unique harmonies!


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