How to Breed a Bellowfish in My Singing Monsters?

How to Breed a Bellowfish on My Singing Monsters?

For those unfamiliar, My Singing Monsters is a popular mobile game where players can breed adorable monster characters to live on various musical islands. Each monster contributes to the islands’ unique songs with its own instrumental sounds and vocals. One of the more recently added monsters is the Bellowfish, found on the game’s Ethereal Island.

With its mechanized diving suit and accordion music, the Bellowfish makes a fun and valuable addition to any My Singing Monsters island. This guide will provide tips on how to successfully breed your own Bellowfish, both common and rare variants, along with details on its characteristics and role in the game.

What is a BellowFish?

A Bellowfish in My Singing Monsters (MSM) is a double-element Ethereal Monster exclusive to Ethereal Island. It was added to the game on April 24th, 2014, during Version 1.2.6. The Bellowfish is indigenous to the aquaslime pools of Ethereal Island and is known for always wanting to be in the middle of the action. To ensure they don’t miss out, Bellowfish cooperate to create crystal-powered mechanized suits that allow them to leave the water and join in the musical menagerie. The Bellowfish’s contribution to an island’s song is an accordion sound. To breed a Bellowfish, you need to mix a Reebro monster with a Jeeode monster and have a bit of luck.

How to Breed a Bellowfish?

Bellowfish msm

Breeding new monsters in My Singing Monsters requires patience and the right monster combinations. Here is what you need to know to breed your very own Bellowfish.

Breeding Requirements

To even attempt breeding a Bellowfish, your game must be at least at Level 21. This unlocks Ethereal Island and the monsters needed for the Bellowfish combination. Specifically, you will need to breed together a Reebro and a Jeeode. These Ethereal element monsters are key for bringing a Bellowfish to life.

Breeding Time

Once you set a Reebro and Jeeode in the breeding structure, expect a wait time of 1 day and 18 hours before the Bellowfish arrives. This is the default breeding time, but having friends light your torches can decrease the time incrementally. Patience is important! But the rewards are worth it.

Breeding Tips

To increase your chances of successfully breeding a Bellowfish, make sure to ask friends to light your breeding torches. Each lit torch slightly reduces breeding times and boosts success rates. Also, placing monsters near structures gives small income boosts. This extra income can be used to buy more decorations which also aid breeding. Don’t be afraid to use diamonds to speed up the process either. Every little bit helps when trying to breed rare monsters!

Level Monsters Breeding Time
15 Reebro and Jeeode 1 day, 18 hours

Bellowfish Characteristics

Once you’ve finally bred your new Bellowfish, it helps to understand your new monster’s unique traits and contributions to your island.

Appearance and Habitat

Sporting a shiny diving suit complete with a propeller helmet and thick gloves, the animated Bellowfish looks ready to plunge into the deep seas. Its wide eyes peer out from the glass helmet, and it blows bubbles from a hose on its suit. Of course, Bellowfish can only inhabit Ethereal Island with its otherworldly, ghostly vibe.

Song and Instrument

With its accordion music, the Bellowfish contributes a melodic vibrancy to Ethereal Island’s composition. Its part consists of drawn-out accordion notes that fade dreamily into the background. The Bellowfish’s song, paired with its amusing appearance, makes this monster a charming addition to the symphonic melody.

Rarity and Shard Production

The common Bellowfish has a rarity of Rare, while the Rare Bellowfish is classified as Epic. Both generate a decent amount of shards per minute: 16 for Common and 25 for Rare. These shard counts will help unlock new monsters and earn coins to expand your islands. Place Bellowfish near other Ethereal monsters to maximize shard production.

Appearance Habitat Song Instrument Rarity Shard Production
Mechanized suit Ethereal Island Accordion sound Accordion Double-element Ethereal Low

Rare Bellowfish

How to Breed a Bellowfish on My Singing Monsters?

While the standard Bellowfish is already a valued monster, the Rare variant takes it to the next level. Here’s what to know about getting this special monster.

Appearance and Differences

Visually, the Rare Bellowfish is distinguished by its bright yellow suit and blue helmet, contrasting with the common grey suit and red helmet. In terms of gameplay, the Rare Bellowfish generates more shards per minute and earns more coins per minute than the Common version. Its increased earning power makes it highly sought-after.

Breeding the Rare Bellowfish

The good news is you can breed the Rare Bellowfish using the exact same combination as the Common: simply breed a Reebro and a Jeeode. However, expect a longer wait time of 2 days, 4 hours, and 30 minutes before the Rare variant is hatched. Make sure to light torches and have patience! The same breeding tips apply.

Breeding Combination Breeding Time Differences from Common Bellowfish
Reebro and Jeeode 2 days, 4 hours, 30 minutes Different appearance, higher shard production

Maximizing Bellowfish Earnings

Aside from breeding tips, you’ll also want to maximize your Bellowfish income once acquired. Here are some top tips for boosting its shard production.


Certain decorations can substantially increase a Bellowfish’s earnings. Be sure to place an upgraded Meldablend, Tree Hut, or Zuffle Tree near your Bellowfish to get rewards. Matching decorations to monsters is key for income boosts.

Monster Combinations

Arranging monsters with complementary elements near each other raises shard production. Place your Bellowfish near other Ethereal monsters like Krillby, Screemu, or Astropod for best results. Their combined skills will raise singing skill and earning levels.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best strategy to breed a Bellowfish?

Breed a Reebro with a Jeeode and have friends light torches to increase breeding chances and reduce times. This is the only way to breed Bellowfish.

Can I breed a Bellowfish on other islands?

Unfortunately no, the Bellowfish can only be bred on Ethereal Island since it requires Ethereal elemental monsters like Reebro and Jeeode.

How can I increase my Bellowfish’s shard production?

Place certain decorative items near your Bellowfish that boost income, like upgraded Meldablend and Tree Huts. Also arrange complementary monsters nearby.

What is the difference between a Common and Rare Bellowfish?

The Rare Bellowfish has a different appearance, generates more shards per minute, and takes longer to breed than the Common version. It also costs more coins.

Can I breed a Rare Bellowfish using the same combination as the Common Bellowfish?

Yes, both Common and Rare Bellowfish are bred by combining a Reebro and a Jeeode monster. The result will be random chance.

How long does it take to breed a Rare Bellowfish?

The default breeding time for a Rare Bellowfish is 2 days, 4 hours, and 30 minutes, compared to 1 day and 18 hours for the Common. Lighting torches helps reduce this time.

What other Ethereal monsters can be bred with a Bellowfish?

Bellowfish is able to be bred with other Ethereal monsters like Reebro and Jeeode to create interesting new elemental combinations for your islands.

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Breeding a Bellowfish in My Singing Monsters takes patience and the right techniques, but the results are well worth it. Its unique appearance, accordion melody, and solid shard production make it a great addition to Ethereal Island. Use this guide to learn the breeding requirements, tips to reduce breeding time, strategies to maximize income, and answers to common questions about this ghostly diving monster. Soon you’ll have your own Bellowfish contributing to your island’s harmony and coin earnings. So grab a Reebro and Jeeode and get breeding!


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