How to Breed a Clamble in My Singing Monsters?

how to breed a clamble in my singing monsters

My Singing Monsters is a fun and addictive game that allows players to breed different monsters with different elements. Each monster has a unique sound and appearance that can make your island more interesting to visit. Plus, some rare monsters like Clamble are hard to come by and require insight into how to breed a Clamble in my singing monsters.

This blog post will explore Clamble breeding, providing essential tips, tricks, and facts to take your monster collection to the next level. Let’s begin.

Who is Clamble in My Singing Monsters?

Clamble is a unique and fascinating Monster found in My Singing Monsters. This triple-element Monster can be obtained by breeding two monsters with Earth, Cold, and Plant combined elements. Unlike other Monsters in the game, Clamble does not have a high coin production rate. However, players still want to know how to breed Clamble in my singing monsters for its incredible musical abilities.

Who is Clamble in My Singing Monsters

The Clamble Monster creates a range of cymbal sounds when contributing to an island’s song. Its metal cymbal head can collide to produce the sound of a hi-hat, crash cymbals, marching cymbals, or splash cymbals, depending on which island it is on. Additionally, it can also make notes on what looks like a tam-tam.

How to Breed a Clamble on My Singing Monsters?

Breeding a Clamble in My Singing Monsters is an exciting adventure. To get started on how to breed a Clamble in my singing monsters, you need to know the two sets of monsters that will enable you to breed a Clamble.

The first set is Mammott and Shrubb.

You can buy these monsters from the Market or breed them from other monsters. Once you have both monsters, you must place them on an island. The order in which you place them doesn’t matter. Then, wait for some time and keep an eye on the breeding structure.

If you see sparks around the breeding structure, it’s a good sign that the monsters are breeding. After some time, you’ll find an egg in the breeding structure. Hatching this egg will reveal a new Clamble monster. Voila!

The second set of monsters to breed a Clamble is Noggin and Furcorn

Like Mammott and Shrubb, you can buy these monsters from the Market or breed them from existing monsters. Once you have them, place them on an island, and wait for the sparks to appear around the breeding structure. When you see the sparks, keep an eye on the breeding structure; after some time, your search for how to breed Clamble my singing monsters will end with a Clamble egg.

Lastly, we have Potbelly and Drumpler

This duo can also produce a Clamble, so if you have both monsters in your collection, give breeding them a shot. It’s worth remembering that breeding monsters in My Singing Monsters is not always guaranteed, so it might take a few attempts to breed a Clamble.

Clamble lives here:

Once you finish the process of my singing monsters how to breed a Clamble, your Clamble will live on the following islands.

  • Earth Island
  • Plant Island
  • Gold Island

Clamble Egg

Clamble Egg for How to breed a clamble in my singing monsters

Clamble icon

Clamble Icon

Decoration Likes of Clamble:

  • Barbloo Statue
  • Toob
  • Digger

Clamble’s Favorite Monsters:

  • Oaktopus
  • Pango

Final Verdict

Breeding a Clamble in My Singing Monsters can be fun and exciting for any monster collector out there. Remember to use the correct combination of monsters, have a bit of patience, and you’ll know how to breed a Clamble in my singing monsters. You will be sure to hear the beautiful harmonies of this unique monster. From its intricate horn to its lively drumming, this monster will provide hours of entertainment and joy.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. What does Entbrat and Clamble make?

Entbrat and Clamble, when bred together, have a chance of producing either a Clamble, an Entbrat, a Rare Clamble, or even a rare Ghazt. These creatures have unique characteristics and abilities, making them valuable additions to any player’s collection.

Q2. How do you get epic Clamble?

You’ll need to select level 10 Pummel and Maw. Once you have them, breed them to get your epic Clamble.

Q3. How rare is Clamble?

Clamble is very rare and is only available at specific times. It can be obtained through breeding or purchased from the StarShop. Its breeding combination is the same as the common Clamble, and its default breeding time is 15 hours and 30 minutes long.

Q4. What is the best breeding pair for Clamble?

The best pairing is Furcorn and Noggin. Since Noggin can be quickly bred again in case of failure, this combination offers the most efficient way to obtain Clamble.


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