How to Breed a Drumpler in My Singing Monsters?

How to Breed Drumpler

Today, we’ll be focusing on the Drumpler, a double-element monster that brings rhythm and bounce to your island. With its elastic abdomen and captivating beats, the Drumpler is a must-have addition to your monster collection. Breeding a Drumpler might seem like a daunting task, but fear not, as we have the perfect formula to help you succeed. The key to unlocking this musical marvel lies in combining the Mammott and Noggin monsters.

By following this simple combination, you’ll be well on your way to welcoming a Drumpler into your island family. So, let’s get started

How Do You Breed a Drumpler?


Breeding monsters in My Singing Monsters involves combining two parent monsters at the breeding structure. Their elements, as well as some luck, determine which child monster will result. So what’s the best way to breed a Drumpler?

Breeding Basics

To have a chance at breeding a Drumpler, you need to know which elements are involved. The Drumpler itself has the elements of Cold and Earth. So you’ll need to breed monsters together that collectively have those elements.

Elements involved in breeding a Drumpler

The elements needed to breed a standard Drumpler are Cold and Earth. This means you need to select parent monsters that together contribute these two elements to have a chance of breeding a Drumpler.

Breeding Combinations

Now let’s look at some specific monster combinations that can result in a Drumpler egg.

Primary combination: Noggin and Mammott

The most direct way to breed a Drumpler is by breeding a Noggin (Cold Element) and a Mammott (Earth Element) together. This combination covers both of the required elements for a Drumpler, giving you a good chance of breeding one.

The Noggin and Mammott combination is readily available early on and doesn’t require any Rare or Epic monsters. So it’s a very accessible Drumpler breeding pair for new players.

Monster Breeding Combination Parent 1 Parent 2
Drumpler Primary Combination Noggin Mammott
Clamble Potbelly Drumpler
Entbrat Oaktopus Drumpler
T-Rox Drumpler Toe Jammer
Pompom Tweedle Drumpler
Quarrister Dandidoo Drumpler
Riff Quibble Drumpler
Rare Drumpler Noggin Mammott
Epic Drumpler Combination 1 Noggin Mammott

Breeding Tips

While the Noggin and Mammott pairing gives you a shot at breeding Drumpler, there are some tips that can help increase your chances of success.

Increasing breeding success rate

Here are some tips to boost your Drumpler breeding success rate:

  • Upgrade your breeding structure to decrease breeding times and allow more frequent tries.
  • Place monsters that contribute Cold or Earth elements near the breeding structure.
  • Light torches on your islands to improve overall breeding luck.
  • Use monsters that are at higher levels to increase the likelihood of breeding rares.
  • Have patience and keep trying! RNG can always mess with results.

With the right breeding pair and some patience, you’ll be stomping along to Drumpler’s beats in no time!

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Drumpler’s Role in Breeding Other Monsters

Beyond breeding a Drumpler itself, Drumplers are handy to have for breeding many other monsters too. Their Cold and Earth elements allow them to combine with other monsters to produce some exciting possibilities!

Breeding Clamble

One cool monster you can get by breeding with a Drumpler is a Clamble.

Combination: Potbelly and Drumpler

By breeding a Potbelly (Air and Earth elements) with a Drumpler (Cold and Earth), you have a chance of getting a Clamble. The Clamble has the elements Air, Cold, and Earth.

Breeding Entbrat

Another monster enabled by Drumpler is the Entbrat.

Combination: Oaktopus and Drumpler

Breeding an Oaktopus (Air and Cold) with a Drumpler can result in an Entbrat. The Entbrat has Air, Cold, and Earth elements.

Breeding T-Rox

If you’re looking to breed the legendary monster T-Rox, Drumplers can help with that too!

Combination: Drumpler and Toe Jammer

By breeding a Drumpler with a Toe Jammer (Air and Water), you have a shot at the mighty T-Rox. T-Rox has the elements Air, Cold, Earth, and Water.

Breeding Pompom

The pom-pom shaking Pompom is another option enabled by Drumplers.

Combination: Tweedle and Drumpler

Breed a Tweedle (Air and Cold) with a Drumpler and you may get lucky with a Pompom! It has Air, Cold, and Earth elements.

Breeding Quarrister

The mining monster known as Quarrister can also be bred with a Drumpler.

Combination: Dandidoo and Drumpler

Try pairing a Drumpler with a Dandidoo (Air and Earth) for a chance at Quarrister. This monster has Air, Earth, and Cold elements.

Breeding Riff

And finally, the guitar-strumming Riff can be bred with a Drumpler too.

Combination: Quibble and Drumpler

Breed a Quibble (Air and Cold) with your Drumpler, and Riff may join your island with its Air, Cold, and Earth elements!

As you can see, Drumplers are super handy for breeding all kinds of monsters. Be sure to try out some of these fun combinations!

Rare and Epic Drumpler Variants

Beyond the standard Drumpler, there are even rarer variants you may breed, including Rare and Epic Drumplers. These have unique designs and sounds that stand out. Here’s a quick look at how to breed them:

Rare Drumpler

The Rare Drumpler sports a bluish-white fur coat and red accessories.

Breeding combination: Noggin + Mammott

You can breed a Rare Drumpler by using the same Noggin and Mammott combination. But luck plays a big role in breeding rares, so it may take many tries. Using enhanced breeding structures and high-level monsters will up your chances.

Epic Drumpler

Epic Drumplers are truly special. They have an animated snowy coat and icicle accessories.

Breeding combinations and strategies

Since Epics are so rare, getting an Epic Drumpler takes a lot of patience and luck. Using the standard Noggin and Mammott pairing is still recommended. But you may also have luck by breeding two Rare Drumplers.

There are a few things you can try to increase Epic breeding odds:

  • Breed monsters at level 15
  • Use Enhanced Breeding Structures
  • Activate Torches
  • Utilize Breeding Bonanzas when available

But ultimately, Epic Drumplers require dedication and often many, many tries. Keep at it, and that shiny Epic may eventually make its way to your islands!

Boosting Drumpler’s Earnings

Now that you have your Drumpler bred, it’s time to maximize its earning potential! Here are some tips:

Decorations and monster placements

You can increase the coins earned from your Drumplers by smartly using decorations and efficient monster arrangements.

Maximizing income generation

Some strategies to boost income include:

  • Place Drumplers near mines to tap their Earth element.
  • Surround them with Cold-element ice decorations.
  • Position Drumplers so their stomping sounds harmonize with other monsters.
  • Upgrade your monsters regularly to increase coin generation.

A bit of decoration planning and monster orchestrating will have your Drumplers producing a steady stream of income in no time!

Monster Breeding Time Incubation Time
Drumpler 8 hours 8 hours
Rare Drumpler 8 hours 8 hours
Epic Drumpler 8 hours 8 hours

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I breed a Drumpler on other islands?

Yes, Drumpler can be bred on other islands with the same breeding combinations. The Natural Islands are a great place to breed extra Drumplers.

What is the incubation time for a Drumpler egg?

The incubation time for a Drumpler egg is the same as its breeding time of 16 hours.

Can I speed up the breeding process?

Yes, you can use diamonds to speed up the breeding process if you don’t want to wait. But patience pays off!

How can I increase my chances of breeding a Rare or Epic Drumpler?

Lighting torches and using specific breeding combinations can increase your chances. Using enhanced breeding structures helps too.

What level do I need to be to breed a Drumpler?

You can start breeding a Drumpler once you have unlocked the required monsters (Noggin and Mammott). There is no minimum player level required.

Are there any limited-time events for breeding Drumpler variants?

There may be limited-time events for breeding Rare and Epic Drumpler variants. Keep an eye on in-game announcements for special breeding opportunities.

Can I breed a Drumpler with another Drumpler?

No, you need to use the specific breeding combinations mentioned in this guide to have a chance of breeding a Drumpler.

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Breeding a Drumpler in My Singing Monsters allows you to create percussive beats and breed many other monsters. With the right combinations, tips, and a bit of luck, you’ll be stomping along to Drumpler’s rhythm in no time. Drumplers are also invaluable for breeding Rare and Epic variants of other monsters.

I hope this guide has given you all the tools you need to successfully breed Drumplers and utilize them to their full potential. Now get breeding and fill your islands with fun new monsters! Don’t be afraid to experiment with exciting new combinations.


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