How to Breed a Reebro in My Singing Monsters?

How to Breed a Reebro in My Singing Monsters?

With its oversized brain, robotic body, and funky futuristic style, the Reebro is one of the most intriguing monsters in My Singing Monsters. This quirky creature brings a unique mix of electronic, techno, and acoustic beats to your islands’ songs with its energetic drumming. But don’t let its robotic appearance fool you – the Reebro has plenty of personality. Known as “Bro” to its monster friends, Reebro is laid-back and always happy to help with any mechanical problems.

Breeding a Reebro requires patience, as its breeding time is lengthy at 1 day and 12 hours. But it’s worth the wait to add this eccentric, drum-pounding monster to your islands. The sounds of its metallic drums and electric synths will have you dancing along in no time. In this breeding guide, we’ll break down exactly how to breed a Reebro efficiently so you can plug in this technological beast and start jamming to its futuristic beats. Let’s dive in!

Who is Reebro in My Singing Monster?

How to Breed a Reebro in My Singing Monsters?

The Reebro is a single-element Ethereal monster that sings with a robotic, electric sound. Its body resembles a brain inside a high-tech robot suit with exhaust pipes coming out the top and bottom. Reebro was added to the game in version 1.1.7 in June 2013.

Reebro lives on Air Island and Ethereal Island. It contributes fast-paced electric drum beats and synth sounds to the songs on those islands. Its strange appearance and funky mechanized music make it one of the most unique monsters in the game.


Reebro’s contribution to the song involves energetic electric drum beats. It uses its feet to pound kick drum sounds and its exhaust pipes to make snare and hi-hat sounds, like an electronic drum kit.

On Ethereal Island, Reebro adds a second track using an acoustic drum kit in addition to its electronic drums. This gives its Ethereal Island song a blended organic and electronic sound.

How to Breed a Reebro?

Reebro can only be bred using specific monster combinations:

Reebro breeding combination 1

  • Riff + Congle
  • Riff + Scups
  • Riff + PomPom
  • Riff + T-Rox

Riff is required in all Reebro breeding combinations. The secondary monster can be any 3-element monster that includes Air, Earth, and Cold elements.

Here is an example combination:

Reebro breeding combination 2

  • Riff (Air, Earth, Cold) + T-Rox (Earth, Water, Cold)

This yields about a 1% chance of breeding a Reebro. Around 70 attempts gives a 50% success rate, while 690 attempts gives 99.9% success rate.

Breeding Time

The breeding time for a Reebro is:

  • Air Island: 1 day and 12 hours
  • Ethereal Island: 10 hours

Enhanced breeding structures reduce these times.


Reebro egg

The Reebro egg is silver with a light blue trim around the middle. It has a futuristic tech design with two straight vertical exhaust pipes on top.

Lives Here

  • Air Island (unlocked at level 9)
  • Ethereal Island (must be teleported at level 15)


Reebro likes the following items:

  • Cybop
  • Nebulob
  • Barbloo Statue
  • Bottomless Pit
  • Fuzzle Tree

Monsters Who Like Reebro

The following monsters have increased happiness near a Reebro:

  • Whisp
  • Rare Reebro
  • Epic T-Rox


Reebro has 4 costumes available:

Costume Source Price
Future So Bright Always available 85,500 coins or 43 shards (full price: 131,250 coins or 64 shards)
Chiefly Masterful Always available 35 diamonds (full price: 52 diamonds)
Brain on Plugs Spooktacle Series 40 diamonds
Love Machine Season of Love Series 40 diamonds

Feeding Requirements

Reebro requires 4 feedings per level, as follows:

Level Food Required
1 4
2 8
3 12
4 16
5 20
6 24
7 28
8 32
9 36
10 40
11 44
12 48
13 52
14 56
15 60

Monster Variations

Reebro has Rare and Epic variants:

  • Rare Reebro
  • Epic Reebro

These variants produce more shards and coins per minute.

Coin Prices

The coin prices for purchasing a Reebro are:

  • Air Island: 1,000 diamonds
  • Ethereal Island: 1,500 diamonds
  • Colossingum: 1,050 diamonds

The resale value is 750,000 coins on Air Island.

Earning Rate and Maximum Income

The income stats for a Reebro at maximum happiness are:

Level Coins/Minute Max Coins Shards/Hour Max Shards
1 26 25,000 4 25
10 208 200,000 32 200
15 312 300,000 48 300
20 360 347,618 54 347

Income increases with level and happiness.

Egg Consumption

To place a Reebro, these one-time egg costs apply:

  • Air Island: 2 x 2 eggs
  • Ethereal Island: 5 beds

Placement XP

Placing a Reebro earns XP as follows:

  • Air Island: 375,000 XP
  • Ethereal Island: 10,125 XP

Possible Monster Names

Reebro can have various randomized names, like:

  • Zapotron
  • Sparky
  • MechaMind
  • RoboBro

Conclusion Notes

With its funky futuristic design and energetic beats, Reebro is a fun addition to your islands. Just be patient, as breeding its long incubation times require persistence. Follow the combos listed here and you’ll soon have your own robotic Reebro!

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I teleport a Reebro to Gold Island?

No, Reebro can only be teleported to Ethereal Island once it reaches level 15.

Does using Enhanced Breeding Structures help breed Reebro faster?

Yes, Enhanced Structures reduce breeding and incubation times.

What’s the best way to get shards from Reebro?

Level it up on Ethereal Island. Its single element gives great shard output, especially at higher levels.

Is there a way to guarantee breeding a Reebro?

Breeding two Rare Reebros on Ethereal Island during a breeding bonanza guarantees success.


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