How to Breed a Shugabass in My Singing Monsters?

How to Breed a Shugabass?

With its funkadelic fur and smooth bass grooves, the Shugabass brings some seriously chill vibes to any island. This laidback legend is the epitome of cool, rocking an aqua-blue mohawk and shades to match. But behind its hipster exterior lies a true gentle giant, always ready to lend an ear or paw to a fellow monster in need. Landing your own mellow Shugabass to inject a healthy dose of kindness (and killer bass lines) into your community is a quest only the most patient of Monster Masters embark upon. Are you up for the challenge? Read on to master the art of breeding this elusive bass beast. The road to Shugabass starts here.

Who is Shugabass in My Singing Monsters?

Shugabass icon

The Shugabass is a legendary monster that is part of the Shugafam, native to Shugabush Island. It was added to the game in version 1.2.4 in December 2013.

With its laidback personality and signature teal fur, the Shugabass lives up to its name by laying down mellow bass lines. It plays an electric bass guitar, replacing the bass normally produced by the Castle.


The Shugabass contributes a funky bass riff to your island’s song. Its smooth electric bass lines complement the other monsters perfectly.

How to Breed a Shugabass?

Breeding a Shugabass requires patience and luck. This legendary monster can only be purchased or bred on Shugabush Island.

There is just one breeding combination that can result in a Shugabass egg:

Shugabass Breeding Combination

  • Breeding a Shugabush and a Potbelly together.

This combo gives you a small chance of getting a Shugabass egg. It can also result in breeding Epic Deedge if available.

Breeding Time

The breeding time for a Shugabass egg is:

  • Default: 1 day and 11 hours
  • Enhanced: 1 day, 2 hours and 15 minutes

So you need to be very patient when trying to breed this legendary monster!


Shugabass egg

The Shugabass egg is teal in color with purple spots. It matches the monster’s funky fur pattern.

Lives Here

  • Shugabush Island (Unlocked at level 9)


To keep your Shugabass happy, make sure to place the following items near it:

  • Oaktopus
  • Bass String Bridge
  • Hollow Log
  • Shugabuzz (Mystery Like)

Monsters Who Like Shugabass

These monsters will be happier if placed near a Shugabass:

  • Oaktopus
  • Epic PomPom


The Shugabass does not have any costumes.

Feeding Requirements

Level Food Required
1 4
2 8
3 12
4 16
5 20
6 24
7 28
8 32
9 36
10 40

Monster Variations

The Shugabass does not have any variants.

Coin Prices

Item Price
Buying Price 700 Diamonds
Selling Price 525,000 Coins

Earning Rate and Maximum Income

Level Max Coins Per Minute at 100% Happiness
1 3,762 22
10 30,096 176
20 52,308 336

Egg Consumption

Shugabass eggs sell for 525,000 coins.

Placement XP

Placing a Shugabass earns 50,000 XP.

Possible Monster Names

Possible names for Shugabass include:

  • Bassie
  • Groovy
  • Blues
  • Funky
  • Hiphop
  • Chillax
  • Laidback


With its smooth bass lines and chilled-out attitude, the Shugabass is a great addition to any island. But breeding this legendary monster takes time and luck. Follow the breeding tips outlined here and you’ll have your own Shugabass grooving away in no time!

Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I get a Shugabass?

The Shugabass can only be purchased or bred on Shugabush Island, unlocked at level 9.

What’s the breeding time for a Shugabass egg?

Default: 1 day and 11 hours. Enhanced: 1 day, 2 hours and 15 minutes.

What monsters do I need to breed to get a Shugabass?

Breed a Shugabush and a Potbelly together on Shugabush Island.

How many beds do I need for a Shugabass?

The Shugabass takes up 2 beds in a 2×2 space.

What items make a Shugabass happy?

Oaktopus, Bass String Bridge, Hollow Log, and Shugabuzz.


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