How to Breed a Whisp in My Singing Monsters?

My Singing Monsters Breeding Guide: How to Breed a Wisp

Welcome to the wondrous world of My Singing Monsters! This popular mobile game has captured the hearts of millions with its captivating island tunes and quirky monster designs. As we build and expand our islands, a key aspect is breeding new monsters to join the melodious ensemble. But some rare monsters like the Whisp can be tricky to obtain. That’s why I’ve created this breeding guide – to help Monster Masters successfully breed the elusive Whisp.

How to Breed a Whisp?

My Singing Monsters Breeding Guide: How to Breed a Wisp

To breed a Whisp in My Singing Monsters, you should use the combination of Ghazt and Grumpyre monsters. The breeding time for a Whisp is 1 day and 18 hours.

Breeding a Whisp requires patience and perseverance. According to experienced Monster Breeders, the ideal combination is pairing a Ghazt and a Grumpyre monster. These monsters have the highest chance of producing a Whisp egg. Place them on Ethereal Island and wait for their duet to result in a new life! Once you hear the telltale singing coming from the nursery, you’ll know your Whisp is on its way.

Monster Breeding Combination
Whisp Ghazt + Grumpyre
(other Ethereal Monsters and their combinations)

Breeding Tips and Tricks

To boost your breeding success, make sure Ethereal Island is well-lit with torches. More torches increase the likelihood of rare monsters. Decorations and monsters with the plant element also help attract Whisps. Level up your breeding monsters and structures to max out your chances. With good conditions, your Ghazt-Grumpyre duo could quickly conjure up that coveted Whisp!

Other Ethereal Monsters

Here are breeding combination with ethereal monsters-

Overview of Ethereal Monsters

In addition to the Whisp, there are other Ethereal monsters that can only be teleported to Ethereal Island. These spectral creatures are extra rare and produce huge amounts of shards. Their haunting melodies add a mysterious ambience to your islands.

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Breeding Rare and Epic Whisp

Breeding a Rare Whisp in My Singing Monsters involves using the same combination as its common counterpart, Ghazt and Grumpyre, with a breeding time of 2 days, 4 hours, and 30 minutes. To breed an Epic Whisp, you should use the combination of Nebulob and Kazilleon, with a breeding time of 1 day and 16 hours

Rare Whisp

For breeders seeking even more prestige, there is the Rare Whisp. With its vibrant blue hue, the Rare Whisp stands out while still retaining the Whisp’s trademark wide-eyed charm. While already challenging to breed the regular Whisp, the Rare Whisp ratchets up the difficulty. Combining a Grumpyre and Jeeode is one potential path to breeding success. Just be prepared for the long 30 minute up to 8 hour wait times to see if your efforts produced a Rare Whisp.

Epic Whisp

At the pinnacle of Whisp breeding is the Epic Whisp. These extremely rare purple variants generate shards at astonishing rates. The breeding time of 1 day and 16 hours reflects their elite status. One successful combination is pairing a regular Whisp with a Ghazt, but even then it could take many tries before an Epic Whisp arrives. For the ultimate sense of Monster Breeder accomplishment though, the Epic Whisp is worth striving for.

Monster Breeding Combination
Rare Whisp (combinations)
Epic Whisp Nebulob + Kazilleon

Breeding Strategies

Here are some of the breeding strategies-

Maximizing Breeding Chances

To optimize your breeding productivity, pay attention to structures and conditions that increase success rates. More Ethereal torches brighten the island’s aura. Leveling up your breeding structure improves its effectiveness. Decorations and monsters that the Whisp loves attract more of them. Ultimately, give your breeders the best environment to do their work!

Managing Breeding Time

Breeding Ethereals requires planning and coordination. Their long incubation times means only a few breeds can happen per day. Make sure to stagger breeding different monster combinations simultaneously. Use diamonds to speed up the process when necessary. Most importantly, be diligent and persistent. Even if you don’t get a Whisp today, try again tomorrow!

Monster Breeding Time
Whisp 1 day and 18 hours
Rare Whisp 30 minutes to 8 hours
Epic Whisp 1 day and 16 hours


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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the chances of breeding a Whisp?

The chances of breeding a Whisp are relatively low, around 5% without torches. But maximizing conditions can help boost your odds!

Can I breed a Whisp on other islands?

No, Whisp can only be bred on Ethereal Island.

How long does it take to breed a Whisp?

Breeding a Whisp takes 1 day and 18 hours.

Can I breed a Whisp with other Ethereal Monsters?

Yes, you can breed a Whisp with other Ethereal Monsters, but the ideal combination is Ghazt and Grumpyre.

What is the difference between a Whisp and an Epic Whisp?

An Epic Whisp is a rarer and more powerful version of the regular Whisp, with a higher shard production.

How can I increase my chances of breeding a Whisp?

You can increase your chances of breeding a Whisp by using torches and placing decorations that the Whisp likes.

What are the breeding times for Rare and Epic Whisp?

Rare Whisp has a breeding time of 30 minutes to 8 hours, depending on the combination. Epic Whisp has a breeding time of 1 day and 16 hours.


I hope this guide has illuminated the mystical process of breeding a Whisp and other Ethereals in My Singing Monsters. With the right monster combos and breeding conditions, these ghostly monsters can be attained. Patience and dedication are key, but the rewards are well worth the effort. May your islands soon be filled with the haunting melodies of new Ethereals! Start breeding, and let your Monster Mastery grow.


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