How to Breed a Wubbox in My Singing Monsters | Complete Guide

how to breed a Wubbox on my singing monsters

Are you ready to take on the challenge of how to breed a Wubbox on my singing monsters? This majestic creature has gained quite a reputation in the game as one of the rarest and most sought-after monsters. It’s understandable why so many players have tried, and some have failed, to breed one. 

With its unique appearance, beautiful sound, and impressive electrical abilities, a Wubbox could be the perfect addition to your islands. In this blog post, we’ll share everything you need to know about breeding a Wubbox, including the requirements, breeding combinations, and some useful tips to increase your chances of success. So let’s begin.

Wubbox Egg:

Wubbox egg

Wubbox Icon:

Wubbox icon

How to Breed a Wubbox on My Singing Monsters?

Wubbox is a rare and unique monster you can purchase after reaching level 20. So, how much is a Wubbox in my singing monsters? It’s 75,000,000 coins. To obtain a Wubbox, players must first have access to a Natural, Wublin, or Ethereal island, depending on which monsters they have collected. 

Once they have the proper island, the player must box every Natural monster on a Natural island, every Wublin on Wublin Island, or every Ethereal on Ethereal Island. Once purchased, the Wubbox will automatically be added to the player’s inventory, and they can place it on any island they choose.

Activation of Wubbox

Once you understand how to breed a wubbox in my singing monsters, you need to activate it. Initially, when the Wubbox is first placed on an island, it assumes the form of a dormant box that remains silent and inactive, earning no currency. However, it possesses immense potential, and once activated, it can transform into a powerful musical Monster.

To activate the Wubbox, one must “box” all required Monsters into it. This is a daunting task, as it requires the collection of all common Monsters of the breeding class of the island. The process is not easy, and it demands patience, persistence, and skill from the player.

As soon as all the required Monsters are zapped, the player can select the “Power up” option in the Monster’s menu. As the activation animation plays, a sense of anticipation arises as the Wubbox comes to life. Once activated, it functions like any other Monster, and it can produce captivating complex melodies, adding a unique layer of sound to the island’s overall musical experience.

Boxing Monsters

Boxing a Wubbox for how to breed a Wubbox on my singing monsters

The most important step after my singing monsters how to breed a Wubbox, is boxing monsters. Once a Wubbox is placed on the island, a new “Box” option will appear for all Monsters. This option will be available only for Monsters that cannot be boxed or are no longer required. Attempting to box a Monster that is still needed will result in a popup message stating that “This Monster type is not required!”

When a Monster is boxed, it is essentially removed from the game and cannot be retrieved from the Wubbox. It will no longer contribute to the earning of currency, nor will it count towards the happiness of other Monsters. Even with the help of a Unity Tree, the boxed Monster will not impact the game. Also, if you place the monster on Gold Island, it will be removed. Additionally, all the boxed Monster’s costumes will be removed and cannot be retrieved. 

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Wubbox lives here:

  • Plant Island
  • Cold Island
  • Air Island
  • Water Island
  • Gold Island

Wubbox likes these decorations:

  • Toob
  • Digger
  • Ambered Thing
  • Tub Fountain
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End Note!

My singing monsters Wubbox is a rare and powerful monster that requires level 20 and 75 million coins. However, its unique sound and impressive abilities make it a coveted addition to any island. Following the tips and techniques outlined in this guide, anyone can successfully breed a Wubbox in My Singing Monsters and add an unbeatable sound to their monster collection.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. How do you create a Wubbox?

Creating a Wubbox in My Singing Monsters requires a price of 75 million or 150,000 on Ethereal Island, followed by two days of incubation. The Wubbox activation requires all common monsters of the breeding class of the island.

Q2. What are the requirements for a Wubbox?

The Wubbox requires all common monsters within the breeding class of the specific island. Activation is achieved by “boxing” all the required monsters into the Wubbox. Once you box a monster, you cannot retrieve it.

Q3. What gender is a Wubbox?

Wubbox, like all monsters in the game, does not have a gender. They are unique and mysterious creature that defies traditional labels of gender. However, they are known for their my singing monsters robot appearance.

Q4. How long does it take to breed a rare Wubbox?

It takes 2 days and 17 hours to breed a Wubbox. However, a single element ethereal Wubbox extends to 1 day and 12 hours on natural islands, while 10 hours on the Ethereal Island. Wubbox was originally locked until level 30 but has since been lowered to level 20.


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