How to Breed Entbrat in My Singing Monsters?

how to breed Entbrat on My Singing Monsters

The Entbrat is one of the most iconic monsters in My Singing Monsters. This gentle giant towers over the island with its massive size and bellowing voice. Breeding an Entbrat takes patience and strategy, but the reward is well worth the effort. Let’s explore how to successfully breed this unique quad-element monster.

Who is Entbrat in My Singing Monsters?

Who is Entbrat in my singing monsters

The Entbrat is a quad-element monster that inhabits Plant Island. It requires the plant, earth, water, and cold elements to breed. Entbrats are known for their bellowing vocals that rumble across the island. Despite their intimidating size, they have a gentle nature.


The Entbrat’s song consists of loud, bellowing vocals in a low register. Its sustained notes shake the island with a rumbling vibration. On Tribal Island, its song transforms into a rhythmic chant of “Hey-yo, heey-yo-hah!” much like the Mammott. Its deep, gravelly voice brings a rich bass line to any island song.

How to Breed an Entbrat?

Breeding an Entbrat requires combining monsters that collectively provide the plant, earth, water, and cold elements. There are a few recommended pairings:

Entbrat breeding combination 1

  • Shrubb (plant, earth) + Maw (water, cold)
  • Oaktopus (plant, water) + Drumpler (earth, cold)
  • Furcorn (plant, cold) + Fwog (earth, water)

However, the highest chance of success comes from breeding a triple-element monster with a single-element monster:

Entbrat breeding combination 2

  • Clamble (plant, earth, cold) + Toe Jammer (water)
  • Bowgart (plant, water, cold) + Noggin (earth)
  • T-Rox (earth, water, cold) + Potbelly (plant)
  • Pummel (plant, earth, water) + Mammott (cold)

Of these, Bowgart + Noggin has the best odds. T-Rox + Potbelly also works well since it has a fast failure time.

The rare version of any monster can also be used for breeding instead of the common version.

Breeding Time

The standard breeding time for Entbrat is 1 day. With an enhanced breeding structure, this decreases to 18 hours.

Here are the breeding times with all enhancements:

  • Default: 1 day
  • Enhanced: 18 hours
  • Enhanced + Boost: 15 hours 36 mins

Entbrat Egg:

Entbrat egg

The Entbrat egg is large and brown with green dots. It shakes periodically as the baby Entbrat shifts inside. The egg bears some resemblance to an acorn.

Entbrat Icon:

Entbrat icon

Lives Here

  • Plant Island
  • Tribal Island
  • The Colossingum
  • Composer Island
  • Gold Island
  • Mirror Plant Island


Entbrat likes the following items:

  • Mammott (level 2)
  • Flappy Flag (level 9)
  • Guitree (level 16)
  • Babayag Tower (level 15)

Monsters Who Like Entbrat

The following monsters have increased happiness when placed near an Entbrat:

  • Mammott
  • Ghazt
  • Rare Entbrat


Entbrat has the following costumes available:

Costume Source Price
Horn Warmers Weekly Quest 35 diamonds (discounted)<br>52 diamonds (full price)
He-Brat Harness Always available 30 diamonds (discounted)<br>45 diamonds (full price)
Spiral Engravings Always available 50,000 coins (discounted)<br>75,000 coins (full price)
Playground Hydrangea Playground Series 15 diamonds
Brat-wurst Spooktacle Series 30 diamonds
Gigacheep Chic Eggy Series<br>Eggs-travaganza Series 30 diamonds

Feeding Requirements

Entbrat eats normal monster food and must be fed 4 times before reaching the next level. Here are the food amounts per level:

Level Food Required
1 4
2 8
3 12
4 16
5 20
6 24
7 28
8 32
9 36
10 40

Monster Variations

Entbrat has rare and epic variants:

  • Rare Entbrat – orange and yellow autumn-colored leaves
  • Epic Entbrat – pale with few leaves, wintery theme

Coin Prices

Here are the coin costs for purchasing and selling Entbrat:

  • Purchasing price:
    • Composer Island: 16,000 coins
    • Colosseum: 165 diamonds
  • Selling price:
    • 100,000 coins
    • 12,000 coins (Composer Island)

Earning Rate and Maximum Income

The earning rate and max income for Entbrat at each level is:

Level Earning Rate (coins/min) Max Income
1 12-24 11,232
2 19-38 17,971
3 29-58 26,957
4 38-76 35,942
5 48-96 44,928

Earning rate increases based on the monster’s happiness percentage.

Egg Consumption

Entbrat eggs can be used to feed the following monsters:

  • Wublins (Pixolotl, Bona-Petite, etc.)
  • Celestials (Plixie, Blasoom, Galvana)
  • Vessels (Kayna, Flowah, Rootitoot, etc.)

This eliminates unwanted Entbrat eggs after breeding.


With its signature bellowing vocals, Entbrat is an iconic monster in My Singing Monsters. Follow the breeding guidelines above to successfully breed this gentle quad-element giant. Take advantage of its solid coin production and egg consumption abilities. Entbrat’s rumbling voice will vibrate your islands with rhythmic joy.

Frequently Asked Questions

What’s the fastest way to breed Entbrat?

The Bowgart + Noggin pairing has the fastest breeding time. T-Rox + Potbelly are next best.

Can I use a rare monster when breeding?

Yes, any rare version can sub in for the regular version of that monster.

What does Entbrat like?

Entbrat enjoys having a Mammott, Flappy Flag, Guitree, and Babayag Tower nearby.

Does Entbrat have any costumes available?

Yes, there are 6 Entbrat costumes that can be purchased, like the Horn Warmers or Brat-wurst outfits.

What islands can Entbrat live on?

Entbrat can live on Plant Island, Tribal Island, The Colossingum, Composer Island, Gold Island, and Mirror Plant Island.


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