How to Breed Epic Deedge in My Singing Monsters?

How to Breed Epic Deedge in My Singing Monsters?

Imagine an epic monster with a high-tech crystal implanted in its head, sprouting shards across its back like a deadly disco ball. A beast pumping out fat beats and fatter stacks of coins to make an island paradise. We’re talking about Epic Deedge – the hottest cyclops in town and the funkiest fresh monster you can breed in My Singing Monsters!

Get your breeding structures primed and islands prepped because this guide will take you through everything you need to know to get your mitts on an Epic Deedge. We’ll explore its origins, breeding combos, egg, likes, and more. So plug in your headphones, crank up the volume, and let’s dive into the world of Epic Deedge!

Who is Epic Deedge in My Singing Monsters?

How to Breed Epic Deedge in My Singing Monsters?

Epic Deedge is the epic variant of the natural monster Deedge in My Singing Monsters. As an epic monster, it can only be acquired and placed on your islands during special limited-time events.

Visually, Epic Deedge resembles its common and rare counterparts, with a round, legless body and a single large eye. Its most distinguishing features are its high-tech headgear and the crystals growing from its back. These crystals are said to amplify its auditory capabilities.

Epic Deedge lives on Cold Island and Shugabush Island. On both islands, it has excellent coin generation rates, making it a valuable monster to own. Its song contributions fit right in with the techno music on Cold Island.

How to Breed Epic Deedge?

Epic Deedge can only be bred during special events when it is available for a limited time. The combinations are:

  • Cold Island:¬†Bowgart + Pango
  • Shugabush Island:¬†Shugabush + Potbelly

Both combinations have long breed times, so be prepared to be patient! Here are the possible breed times:

Island Breeding Combination Breed Time
Cold Island Bowgart + Pango 1 day 17 hours
Shugabush Island Shugabush + Potbelly 1 day 12 hours

To increase your chances of breeding Epic Deedge, place multiple breeding structures and keep trying until the breeding event ends. Prioritize your Bowgarts, Pangos, Shugabushes, and Potbellies over other breeding combinations.

Breeding Time

The regular breeding time for Epic Deedge is 1 day and 17 hours on Cold Island and 1 day and 12 hours on Shugabush Island.

Here are the breeding times with upgrades:

Epic Deedge Breeding Combination 1

Breeding Time Normal Enhanced Breeding Structure Enhanced + Speed Song
Cold Island 1 day 17 hours 1 day 6 hours 45 mins 1 day 2 hours 39 mins
Shugabush Island 1 day 12 hours 1 day 6 hours 1 day 2 hours

As you can see, having an Enhanced Breeding Structure and Speed Song activated can cut the breeding time nearly in half! This will allow you to fit in many more breeding attempts during the limited availability period.


Epic Deedge egg

The Epic Deedge egg resembles a large blue crystal sprouting from a high-tech base. The egg reflects the monster’s affinity for technology and matches its futuristic headgear.

When the egg hatches, the crystal fractues and opens to reveal the baby Epic Deedge inside.

Lives Here

Epic Deedge lives on these islands:

  • Cold Island (unlocked at level 9)
  • Shugabush Island

It contributes techno beats to Cold Island’s electronic music theme. On Shugabush Island, it produces the most coins out of any monster.


To maximize Epic Deedge’s coin production, make sure to place its favorite items near it. Epic Deedge likes:

  • Quibble
  • Innertuba
  • Boss Monument
  • Barbloo Statue

Monsters Who Like Epic Deedge

These monsters like having Epic Deedge on their island:

  • Quibble
  • Thwok
  • Furcorn
  • Cybop
  • Mammott

Place Epic Deedge near these monsters to raise their happiness.

Feeding Requirements

Level Food Required
Level 1 4
Level 2 8
Level 3 12
Level 4 16
Level 5 20
Level 6 24
Level 7 28
Level 8 32
Level 9 36
Level 10 40

Monster Variations

Epic Deedge has two other variations:

  • Common Deedge
  • Rare Deedge

Compared to Common and Rare Deedge, Epic Deedge generates more coins, requires more beds, has a longer breeding time, and costs more diamonds to purchase.

Coin Prices

Here are the diamond and coin costs for purchasing and selling Epic Deedge:

  • Purchase Price: 750 diamonds (1,000 on Shugabush Island)
  • Sell Price: 562,500 coins

Earning Rate and Maximum Income

Level Max Coins at Max Happiness Coins per Minute
1 25,920 30
5 103,680 120
10 207,360 240
15 360,000 360

At max level and happiness, Epic Deedge earns 360 coins per minute and can hold 360,410 coins maximum.

Egg Consumption

Epic Deedge consumes 72 hours of egg incubation time upon placement.

Placement XP

Placing an Epic Deedge on an island awards 110,000 XP.

Concluding Notes

With spectacular design, epic rarity, and unbeatable coin generation, Epic Deedge is a highly desirable monster in My Singing Monsters. By diligently breeding during limited availability events and providing Epic Deedge’s favorite items, you can add this monster to your islands. Just be patient – breeding an epic is challenging but ultimately rewarding. Epic Deedge’s coins and contributions to your islands’ songs will be well worth the effort.

Frequently Asked Questions

How many beds does Epic Deedge require?

Epic Deedge requires 4 beds on Cold Island.

What islands can Epic Deedge live on?

Epic Deedge lives on Cold Island and Shugabush Island.

What is Epic Deedge’s max income at level 15?

At level 15, Epic Deedge can hold a maximum of 311,040 coins.

What does Epic Deedge eat?

Epic Deedge eats the standard food items like veggies, meat, seafood, etc. Feed it to raise its level.

What elements does Epic Deedge have?

Epic Deedge has air, plant, water, and cold elements.


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