How to Breed G’joob in My Singing Monsters?

how to breed gjoob

G’joob is an elusive monster in My Singing Monsters. This laid-back creature resembles a walrus and can only be found on Plant Island and Mythical Island. With its mellow bassoon tunes and sluggish demeanor, breeding a G’joob requires patience and skill. But the rewards are worth it – adding a G’joob to your island paradise is a true accomplishment for any Monster Master.

Who is G’joob in My Singing Monsters?

how to breed gjoob

G’joob is classified as a Mythical Monster in My Singing Monsters. It was first introduced in the PlayStation Vita version of the game on August 12, 2014 and came to mobile on September 4, 2019 with Version 2.3.2.

Some key facts about G’joob:

  • G’joob is shaped like a green walrus with six flippers. It has tired eyes and a relaxed expression.
  • On Plant Island, it plays mellow staccato notes on a bassoon. On Mythical Island, it plays a similar bassoon tune.
  • G’joob is extremely laidback and spends most of its time napping under trees trying to get a suntan.
  • It was inspired by musician Wilford Brimley and gets its name from the Beatles’ song “I Am the Walrus.”
  • G’joob can only be teleported to Mythical Island once it reaches Level 15.


On Plant Island, G’joob produces short, staccato bassoon tones. Its Plant Island tune consists of:

C D C D E♭ D C D E♭ F E♭ F G F E♭ F G A♭ G A♭ Gm3 Fm3 E♭M3 Fm3 G A♭ G A♭ G

On Mythical Island, G’joob plays a similar bassoon melody in a higher register:

A D G A G G♭ A D G A G G♭ A D G A G G♭ A D G A G G♭

(See uploaded document for full Mythical Island tune)

To create G’joob’s unique bassoon sounds, the game’s audio engineers utilize the following:

Plant Island

  • Sound Library: Complete Orchestral Collection
  • SoundFont: 86 Bassoon KV dry (using “Staccato 2” articulation)

Mythical Island

  • Sound Library: EastWest Hollywood Orchestral Woodwinds Diamond
  • SoundFonts: BB StacSs DblTng RRx9 and BB Sus Accent

How to Breed a G’joob?

Breeding a G’joob requires patience but it can be done by combining the right monsters. Here are the breeding combinations:

On Plant Island:

G'joob Breeding Combination 1

  • Pummel + T-Rox

This will sometimes result in Rare Noggin, Rare T-Rox or Rare Toe Jammer instead of G’joob.

On Mythical Island:

G'joob Breeding Combination 2

  • Cataliszt + G’joob

This is for breeding a duplicate G’joob. It can sometimes result in Bleatnik instead.

You can use the rare version of any monster in place of the common version for breeding.

Monster 1 Monster 2
Pummel T-Rox
Cataliszt G’joob

Breeding Time

G’joob has a long incubation time of 18 hours normally. This can be reduced with Enhanced Breeding Structure and Speed Song.

Here are the different breeding times:

Breeding Structure Default Enhanced
Regular 18 hours 13 hr 30 min
+ Speed Song 16 hr 12 min 11 hr 42 min



Once bred, G’joob will be in a multicolored egg with blue, purple and pink stripes. This egg design is unique to G’joob.

Lives Here

G’joob lives on Plant Island (level 9) and Mythical Island. It can only be teleported to Mythical Island once it reaches level 15.


G’joob will be happiest with the following items nearby:

  • Bowgart (Plant Island)
  • Yawstrich (Mythical Island)
  • Mountain Morsel
  • Thumpies Totem
  • Inverdigus Fern (Mystery Like)

Monsters Who Like G’joob

The following monsters will have increased happiness when placed near a G’joob:

  • Yawstrich (Mythical Island)
  • Bleatnik (Mythical Island)
  • Rare G’joob
  • Epic Wubbox (Plant Island)


G’joob has one costume available:

  • Sgt. Flipper (from Spooktacle) – 40 diamonds

Feeding Requirements

Level Food Needed
Level 1 4
Level 2 8
Level 3 12
Level 4 16
Level 5 20
Level 6 24
Level 7 28
Level 8 32
Level 9 36
Level 10 40

Monster Variations

The only variant of G’joob is:

  • Rare G’joob – silver coloration with red accessories

Coin Prices

Here are G’joob’s coin costs to buy and sell:

Island Buy Price Sell Price
Plant Island 225 diamonds 168,750 coins
Mythical Island 500 diamonds 168,750 coins

Earning Rate and Maximum Income

This table shows G’joob’s earning rate at different happiness levels:

Level Per Minute Max Coins
1 14 (at 100% happiness) 2,856
10 112 (at 100% happiness) 22,848
15 168 (at 100% happiness) 34,272

Egg Consumption

Feeding G’joob to increase its level requires more food as it grows. Here is the amount per level:

Level Food Required Total Food
2 4 8
5 4 20
10 4 40
15 4 60

Placement XP


Possible Monster Names

G’joob can have names like:

  • Wilford
  • Brimley
  • Beetus
  • Snoozy


Breeding a G’joob in My Singing Monsters requires the right monster combinations and plenty of patience thanks to its long incubation time. But the results are rewarding – adding this laidback, bassoon-playing walrus to your island paradise is a true accomplishment. With the right breeding tips and information, you can have your own mellow G’joob in no time.

Frequently Asked Questions

What two monsters make a G’joob?

The combinations are Pummel + T-Rox on Plant Island and Cataliszt + G’joob on Mythical Island.

How long does it take to breed G’joob?

The standard breeding time is 18 hours but can be reduced to 13.5 hours with an Enhanced Breeding Structure.

What does G’joob like?

G’joob likes items such as Bowgart, Yawstrich, Mountain Morsel, Thumpies Totem and Inverdigus Fern.

What islands can you find G’joob on?

G’joob lives on Plant Island and Mythical Island. It must be level 15 before teleporting to Mythical.

Does G’joob have any costumes?

Yes, G’joob has one costume called Sgt. Flipper that costs 40 diamonds.


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