How to Breed a Grumpyre in My Singing Monsters?

How to breed Grumpyre

With its shifting eyes and mouth that make it seem sad or afraid even when it’s happy, the Grumpyre embodies the essence of the Shadow element. Breeding a Grumpyre can be a fun challenge for any Monsters player. Let’s explore how to successfully breed this Ethereal monster!

Who is Grumpyre in My Singing Monster?


The Grumpyre is a single-element Ethereal monster that belongs to the Shadow element. It was added to the game on August 19, 2013 during Version 1.1.7. The Grumpyre first becomes available on Cold Island once you reach level 9 and have at least 5 beds. It requires a 2×2 space to place.

Once you feed the Grumpyre to level 15, it can be teleported to Ethereal Island where it takes 10 hours to incubate. On Ethereal Island, the Grumpyre has excellent shard production compared to other single-element Ethereals.


The Grumpyre sings “Boom-Shika-la-Shika, boom-Shika-la-Shika” in a harsh whispering voice on Cold Island. On Ethereal Island, it sings “Boom-shika-La, boom-shika-la-la-la-la boom-shika-la, boom-shika-la-la, boom-shika-la, boom-shika-la-la-la-la Boom-shika-la, Boom-shika-la-la.”

How to Breed a Grumpyre?

The Grumpyre can be bred using the following combinations:

Grumpyre Breeding Combination 1

Monster 1 Monster 2
Deedge Congle
Deedge Bowgart
Deedge Spunge
Deedge Thumpies

There is around a 1% chance of successfully breeding a Grumpyre. Doing 70 attempts gives you a 50% chance of breeding at least one, while 690 attempts gives a 99.9% chance. Note that a Rare Monster could substitute any of the parents.

On Ethereal Island, breed a Grumpyre with a Rare Grumpyre for a 100% chance of success.

Grumpyre Breeding Combination 2

Breeding Time

The default breeding time for a Grumpyre is 1 day and 12 hours on Cold Island. With enhanced breeding structures, this goes down to 1 day and 3 hours.

On Ethereal Island, the breeding time is 10 hours. With enhanced structures, it goes down to just 6 hours and 30 minutes!



The Grumpyre egg is black with purple spots. It shakes and bounces occasionally while incubating.

Lives Here

The Grumpyre lives on Cold Island and Ethereal Island. Once fed to level 15, it can be teleported from Cold to Ethereal.


The Grumpyre likes the following items:

  • Maw (Cold Island)
  • Arackulele (Ethereal Island)
  • Saggle Tree
  • Dragon Tower
  • Bass String Bridge

Monsters Who Like Grumpyre

The following monsters have increased happiness when placed near a Grumpyre:

  • Nebulob (Ethereal Island)
  • Sox (Ethereal Island)
  • Rare Grumpyre

Costumes (All the Costumes)

The Grumpyre has the following costumes available:

  • Dungeon Master (85,500 coins or 43 shards)
  • Garbed in Goth (30 diamonds)
  • Holly-lujah (40 diamonds)

Feeding Requirements

The Grumpyre requires the following amount of food per level:

Level Food Required
1 4
2 8
3 12
4 16
5 20
6 24
7 28
8 32
9 36
10 40

Monster Variations

The Grumpyre has Rare and Epic variants:

  • Rare Grumpyre
  • Epic Grumpyre

Coin Prices

The Grumpyre can be purchased for the following prices:

  • Cold Island: 1,000 diamonds
  • Ethereal Island: 1,500 diamonds
  • Colossingum: 1,050 diamonds

It can be sold for 750,000 coins on Cold Island or 20 shards on Ethereal Island.

Earning Rate and Maximum Income

The Grumpyre’s max coin income per minute and maximum coin storage at each level is:

Level Coins/Min (Max Happiness) Max Coins
1 28 23,000
10 224 184,000
20 388 319,808

It’s maximum shard income per hour and storage at each level is:

Level Shards/Hour (Max Happiness) Max Shards
1 4 23
10 32 184
20 54 319

Egg Consumption

Like all monsters, the Grumpyre consumes 1 egg per 4 hours of incubation time. So on Cold Island it consumes 6 eggs and on Ethereal Island it consumes 2 eggs.

Possible Monster Names

Possible names for the Grumpyre include:

  • Gloom
  • Murk
  • Shade
  • Ebony
  • Dusk
  • Grim
  • Darkness

Conclusion Notes

With its cool design and sound, the Grumpyre is a fun monster to add to your islands. Follow the breeding instructions carefully and you’ll have your own Grumpyre in no time! It can take many tries, so be patient. Once you have one, it will produce tons of shards on Ethereal Island.

Frequently Asked Questions

What’s the easiest way to get a Grumpyre?

Breed with a Rare Grumpyre on Ethereal Island for 100% chance of success.

How long does it take to breed a Grumpyre?

Around 1 day and 12 hours on Cold Island. 10 hours on Ethereal.

What elements is Grumpyre?

It’s a single element Shadow monster.

Should I teleport it to Ethereal Island?

Yes! It produces more shards than coins.


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