How to Breed Humbug in My Singing Monsters?

How to Breed Humbug in My Singing Monsters

Welcome fellow Monster Breeders! I’m thrilled to present this definitive guide on how to successfully breed the elusive Humbug monster in My Singing Monsters. With its ghastly green exterior and single Poison element, Humbug is one of the most unique Ethereals in the game. However, breeding this toxic tunester can be quite tricky without the proper strategy.

In this guide, I’ll provide all the tips and tricks you need to add a Humbug or two to your islands. We’ll go over ideal breeding combinations, how to boost your chances, the characteristics of Humbug, breeding rare and epic varieties, and how Humbug can help breed other monsters too. Let’s get started!

How to Breed Humbug?

How to Breed Humbug?

Humbug is only breedable on Earth Island and Ethereal Island in My Singing Monsters. While the breeding time is quite long at 1 day and 12 hours, having the right monster parents can make a big difference. Here are the best breeding pairs to try for Humbug:

Breeding Combinations

  • Reedling + Quarrister – This earth and cold combination has the highest chance of breeding Humbug. Quarrister’s low breeding time of 30 minutes makes it easy to rebreed quickly.
  • Thumpies + Quarrister – Another great option using the earth and cold elements. Thumpies slightly longer breeding time means a longer wait if breeding fails.
  • PomPom + Quarrister – PomPom’s air element blended with Quarrister’s earth and cold facade can also produce Humbug.
  • Clamble + Quarrister – The earth, plant, and cold elements have a shot at breeding Humbug. Clamble’s long breeding time of 2 days is the drawback here.
Parent 1 Parent 2 Result
Reedling Quarrister Humbug
Thumpies Quarrister Humbug
PomPom Quarrister Humbug
Clamble Quarrister Humbug
Island Parent 1 Parent 2 Result
Earth Island Clamble Cybop Epic Humbug
Ethereal Island Whisp Bellowfish Epic Humbug

Breeding Tips

To increase your chances of successfully breeding Humbug, keep these tips in mind:

  • Place torches on Earth Island – Having more torches lit will boost your breeding odds ever so slightly.
  • Participate in promotional events – Limited time breeding events like Ethereal Breeding Bonanzas will temporarily increase your chances of breeding ethereal monsters like Humbug.
  • Level up your Humbug – If you already have one, leveling it up to 15 will make it easier to breed more Humbugs.

With the right combination and a bit of luck, you’ll be able to add the Humbug monster to your singing ecosystem. Now let’s look at what makes this little creature so unique.

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Humbug’s Characteristics

Humbug has quite the distinctive look and sound among the monsters of My Singing Monsters. Here’s an overview of its qualities:

Appearance and Elements

  • Humbug is a single-element Ethereal monster representing the Poison element.
  • Its design has a ghostly green body with one large eye, small arms, and a wiry tail.
  • Humbug can only be found on Earth Island initially. Once fed to level 15, it can be teleported to Ethereal Island as well.

Coin Production and Breeding Time

  • The default breeding time for Humbug is 1 day and 12 hours.
  • Like all monsters, Humbug’s coin generation rate increases as you feed it and make it happier.
  • At max happiness, a level 15 Humbug can produce up to 2750 coins per minute.

With its long breeding time but solid coin production, Humbug is a valuable Ethereal to have composed on your islands. Next let’s look at how to breed some of Humbug’s rare and epic varieties.

Breeding Rare and Epic Humbugs

In addition to the regular version, you can also breed special rare and epic Humbugs by understanding a few key tips:

Rare Humbugs

  • Using a Rare Monster as one of the parents can result in a Rare Humbug. The Rare will simply substitute for one of the required elements.
  • However, this does NOT work during Ethereal Breeding Bonanzas when trying specifically for ethereals like Humbug.

Epic Humbugs

  • Epic Humbugs are only available by breeding during limited-time tribal events and cannot be bred regularly.
  • The combinations are:
    • Earth Island – Clamble (Plant, Earth, Cold) + Cybop (Air, Earth)
    • Ethereal Island – Whisp (Plasma, Shadow) + Bellowfish (Mech, Crystal)

By keeping an eye out for special tribal events, you can add these ultra-rare skins to your collection. Now let’s see how Humbug can help breed some other monsters too!

Humbug’s Role in Breeding Other Monsters

In addition to breeding more Humbugs, this monster can also be used to unlock other species. Here are some examples of monsters you can breed with Humbug:

Breeding Combinations with Humbug

  • Humbug + Grumpyre breeds Kazilleon
  • Humbug + Reebro breeds Dragong
  • Humbug + Ghazt breeds Jellbilly
  • Humbug + Jeeode breeds Fung Pray

As you can see, Humbug is a versatile breeding monster that can help populate your islands with all sorts of new creatures. Keep this in mind as you plan out your breeding strategies.

Parent 1 Parent 2 Result
Grumpyre Humbug Kazilleon
Humbug Reebro Dragong
Ghazt Humbug Jellbilly
Humbug Jeeode Fung Pray


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Frequently Asked Questions

Let’s review some common questions about successfully breeding Humbug:

What is the best breeding combination for Humbug?

There is no single “best” combo, as all natural monster pairs result in the same 1 day 12 hour breeding time if failure occurs. I recommend trying Reedling + Quarrister for its short 30 minute re-breed time.

How can I increase my chances of breeding a Humbug?

Place torches on Earth Island and participate in limited-time Ethereal Breeding events to slightly boost your Humbug breeding success rate.

Can I breed a Humbug on other islands besides Earth Island?

No, Humbug can only be bred initially on Earth Island. Once you feed it to level 15, Humbug can be teleported to Ethereal Island as well.

How long does it take to breed a Humbug?

The default breeding time for a natural Humbug is 1 day and 12 hours. Epic varieties may have longer times during special events.

What is the role of a Rare Monster in Humbug breeding?

Rare Monsters can substitute for any natural monster EXCEPT during Ethereal Breeding Bonanzas, when they do not increase your ethereal breeding odds.

How can I breed an Epic Humbug?

Epic Humbugs are only available by breeding during limited-time tribal events, using special monster combinations.

What other monsters can I breed using a Humbug?

Humbug can help breed Kazilleon, Dragong, Jellbilly, Fung Pray and more. It’s a useful monster for unlocking others!


That wraps up my complete guide to successfully breeding Humbug in My Singing Monsters! With the right combos, tips, and tricks you now have all the tools needed to add this Ethereal poison monster to your islands. Don’t forget to light torches, participate in events, and experiment with different pairings. I wish you the best of luck in your Humbug breeding endeavors! Let me know if you have any other questions. Happy monster making!


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