How Do you Breed a Punkleton in My Singing Monsters?

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The Punkleton is one of the most popular seasonal monsters in My Singing Monsters. This spooky skeleton monster is only available for a limited time during the Spooktacle season in October. Many players want to add this cool monster to their islands, but breeding it can be tricky. In this guide, we will walk you through everything you need to know about breeding your own Punkleton.

Who is Punkleton in My Singing Monsters?


The Punkleton is a core seasonal monster that represents the Spooktacle season in My Singing Monsters. It was added to the game on October 23, 2012 during the 1.0.4 update.

Punkleton is shaped like a human skeleton covered in vines and leaves. It has a pumpkin for a head. When it sings, it chants “ooga booga” in a spooky voice.

On Plant Island, Punkleton joins in the song near Shrubb. On Seasonal Shanty, it has a quieter, whispery voice.


Punkleton chants “ooga booga ooga booga” during parts of the Plant Island song. On Seasonal Shanty, it whispers “ooga booga, booga boo ga ga” in a hushed voice.

Its vocalizations add a fun, spooky vibe to the island’s songs.

How to Breed a Punkleton?

Punkleton can only be bred during the Spooktacle season in October or during special out of season events. The best way to breed it is by combining a Bowgart and a T-Rox.

Breeding Combinations:

Punkleton Breeding combinations 1

  • Bowgart + T-Rox
  • Rare Bowgart + Rare T-Rox
  • Bowgart + Rare T-Rox
  • Rare Bowgart + T-Rox

On Seasonal Shanty, the combinations to breed Punkleton include:

Punkleton Breeding combinations 2

  • Punkleton + Gobbleygourd
  • Punkleton + Clavavera
  • Punkleton + Viveine
  • Punkleton + Jam Boree
  • Punkleton + Carillong
  • Punkleton + Whiz-bang
  • Punkleton + Monculus
  • Punkleton + Ffidyll
  • Punkleton + Boo’qwurm
  • Punkleton + Spurrit

The best combinations on Seasonal Shanty are:

Punkleton Breeding combinations 3

  • Punkleton + Monculus
  • Punkleton + Gobbleygourd
  • Common Punkleton + Rare Punkleton

Any breeding combination containing a Punkleton may fail and result in one of the parent monsters. However, breeding Punkleton with another seasonal monster has a higher success rate than breeding with a regular monster.

Rare variants can be used instead of common monsters for all breeding combinations.

Breeding Time

The default breeding time for Punkleton is 18 hours. With enhanced breeding structures, this can be reduced to:

  • 13 hours, 30 minutes (Enhanced Breeding Structure)
  • 16 hours, 12 minutes (Enhanced + Skin Boost)
  • 11 hours, 42 minutes (Enhanced + Skin Boost + Epic Breeding Bonus)



The Punkleton egg is colored orange with vines wrapped around it. It shakes and rattles as if something is trying to get out.

Lives Here

Punkleton lives on these islands:

  • Plant Island (available during Spooktacle season only)
  • Seasonal Shanty (available year-round)
  • Gold Island (if leveled up on Plant Island)
  • The Colossingum


Punkleton likes these items:

  • Shrubb
  • Spooktacle Path
  • Tree Forte Tower
  • Smunkin Patch
  • Beeyoot Tree

Monsters Who Like Punkleton

These monsters have increased happiness when placed near a Punkleton:

  • Rare Punkleton
  • Epic T-Rox


Punkleton has one costume available during Spooktacle:

  • Mouth Waterer (50 diamonds)

Feeding Requirements

Level Food Needed
Level 1 4
Level 2 8
Level 3 12
Level 4 16
Level 5 20
Level 6 24
Level 7 28
Level 8 32
Level 9 36
Level 10 40

Monster Variations

There are rare and epic versions of Punkleton:

  • Rare Punkleton – Orange body with blue pumpkin head
  • Epic Punkleton – Purple body with orange pumpkin head

Coin Prices

Punkleton costs:

  • Plant Island: 225 diamonds
  • Seasonal Shanty: 500 diamonds
  • The Colossingum: 250 diamonds

It sells for 168,750 coins.

Earning Rate and Maximum Income

Level Coins per minute Max Coins
1 8-16 1,872
10 64-128 14,976
15 96-192 22,464

Egg Consumption

Punkleton eggs can be used to feed Adult Torrt. It takes 1 Punkleton egg to feed Adult Torrt.

Possible Monster Names

Possible names for Punkleton include:

  • Punky
  • Skully
  • Bones
  • Patch
  • Pumpkinhead
  • Viney
  • Creepy
  • Spooky
  • Scary
  • Hallow


With its spooky skeleton design and fun vocalizations, Punkleton is a great limited-time monster to add to your islands. Follow this breeding guide during the Spooktacle season to get your own Punkleton to celebrate Halloween in My Singing Monsters!

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take to breed Punkleton?

The default breeding time is 18 hours but this can be reduced with enhanced breeding structures.

What monsters do I need to breed Punkleton?

Breed a Bowgart and T-Rox to have the best chance of getting a Punkleton.

When can I breed Punkleton?

Punkleton is only available during the Spooktacle season in October or special out of season events.

Where can Punkleton live?

Punkleton can live on Plant Island, Seasonal Shanty, Gold Island, and The Colossingum.

What does Punkleton eat?

Punkleton eats normal monster food. It needs 4 pieces of food per level.


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