How to Breed Rare Noggin in My Singing Monsters?

how to breed rare noggin

With its distinguishable appearance and sounds, as well as increased coin production, the Rare Noggin is a prized addition to any island. However, breeding the Rare Noggin can be challenging without the right techniques and tips. This comprehensive guide will provide everything you need to successfully breed your own Rare Noggin in My Singing Monsters.

To start, we’ll go over the breeding requirements and best monster combinations for having the highest chance of breeding this rare monster. Then, we’ll share some useful tips for setting up the optimal breeding environment and structures. We’ll also describe the Rare Noggin’s defining characteristics so you can identify when you’ve successfully bred one. Finally, we’ll answer some frequently asked questions about breeding the Rare Noggin and other rare monsters in the game.

With the strategies outlined in this guide, you’ll be able to increase your chances of breeding that coveted Rare Noggin and adding its unique sound and style to your islands. So let’s get started!

How to Breed Rare Noggin?

Rare Noggin

Breeding the Rare Noggin requires some specific conditions to be met. Unlike most monsters that can be bred year-round on the islands, the Rare Noggin is only available during special events and breeding periods.

Breeding Requirements

The Rare Noggin can only be bred during specific events and times designated by the game. It is not possible to breed the Rare Noggin outside of these special events. So it’s important to take advantage of the limited breeding periods when they occur!

To successfully breed the Rare Noggin, you need two triple-element monsters that both share the Earth element. Typically, the best monster combinations will be higher-level triple element monsters that increase your chances.

Best Breeding Combinations

Here are some of the most effective monster pairs to breed Rare Noggin on each island:

  • Plant Island: Furcorn + Mammott, Potbelly + Toe Jammer
  • Cold Island: Congle + Quibble, Thumpies + Cybop
  • Air Island: Dwumrohl + Parasol, Boskus + Quarrister
  • Water Island: Barrb + PomPom, Shrubb + Pango
  • Ethereal Island: Humbug + Ghazt, Grumpyre + Jeeode

These specific pairings give you the highest probability of breeding because they each contain the Earth element and are triple-element monsters. Using higher level monsters like level 15+ will further improve your chances.

Island Breeding Pair 1 Breeding Pair 2
Plant T-Rox + Pummel Clamble + Bowgart
Air T-Rox + Scups Clamble + Riff
Water T-Rox + Shellbeat Clamble + Quarrister
Earth T-Rox + Quibble Clamble + Pango

Breeding Time and Incubation

The breeding time for producing a Rare Noggin egg is 6 hours. Once the breeding is complete, the incubation time is another 6 hours before the Rare Noggin will hatch.

You can reduce the breeding and incubation times by upgrading structures like the breeding station, nursery, and incubators. Leveling up these buildings decreases wait times.

Tips for Successful Breeding

Beyond having the right monster combinations, there are some other tips to set up the best conditions for breeding Rare Noggin.

Monster levels

Using higher level monsters, ideally level 15 and up, can significantly impact your breeding success rate. Each level boosts the monster’s stats, so higher levels mean better odds of breeding rares. Take the time to feed and level up your monsters before breeding!

Breeding structures and environment

For the best results, place your breeding monsters in an upgraded breeding structure like the Enhanced Breeding Structure. Make sure the structure is open and clear of any other monsters that could interfere with breeding.

Also, remove any unnecessary decorations or obstacles around the breeding structure. You want to eliminate anything that could distract your breeding monster pair.

Patience and persistence

Breeding rare monsters like the Rare Noggin requires patience and persistence. Even with ideal conditions, there is still a chance involved. Don’t get discouraged if your first few attempts fail. Stick with it and try different high level monster combinations. With enough patience, you can breed that special rare monster!

Rare Noggin’s characteristics

Once you’ve successfully bred the Rare Noggin, there are a few key features that can help identify it.

Appearance and sound

The Rare Noggin has a unique physical appearance with a bluish-white color scheme. Visually, it stands out from the classic yellow Noggin.

The Rare Noggin also makes distinctive sounds compared to the regular Noggin. It has its own special melody and rhythm that sets it apart.

Coin production and other stats

In addition to its unique look and sound, the Rare Noggin produces more coins per minute than the common Noggin monster. At level 15, the Rare Noggin produces 405 coins per minute.

The Rare Noggin also has boosted stats like higher max happiness, earning rate, and breeding success compared to non-rare monsters.

Statistic Value
Coin production 240 coins per minute (at level 15)
Feeding cost 1,000,000 coins (to reach level 15)
Breeding time 6 hours
Incubation time 6 hours


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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the chances of breeding a Rare Noggin?

The exact chances depend on the level of your breeding monsters and specific combinations. In general, using triple-element monsters above level 15 will give you a 5-10% chance per attempt. Exact percentages may vary.

Can I breed Rare Noggin outside of events?

Unfortunately, no. The Rare Noggin is only able to be bred during special events and times that the game makes it available. Outside of those periods, it cannot be bred.

How can I increase my chances of breeding Rare Noggin?

Use the breeding tips provided in this guide! Have high-level triple element monsters, use the best combinations for your island, upgrade breeding structures, and clear distractions around breeding areas. With optimal conditions, you can boost Rare Noggin breeding success.

What other rare monsters can I breed in My Singing Monsters?

Many monsters in the game have rare variants that can be bred, like Rare Toe Jammer, Rare Entbrat, Rare Deedge, Rare Cybop, and Rare Quibble. Following similar strategies to breed Rare Noggin can help obtain other rare monsters.

How do I know when a Rare Noggin event is happening?

Follow the My Singing Monsters social media pages and check the in-game announcements for details on special breeding events and periods. The game will alert players to increased chances for specific rare monsters like Rare Noggin.

Can I buy Rare Noggin from the StarShop?

Yes, you can purchase the Rare Noggin from the in-game StarShop during certain events when it is available. This offers another way to get the rare monster besides breeding if you have enough resources.

What other elements can be combined to breed rare monsters?

The Cold + Earth combination is commonly used for breeding rare triple element monsters. Other useful combinations are Air + Earth, Plant + Cold, and Water + Earth or Air. Mixing two primary elements increases your odds of breeding different rare monsters.


Breeding the one-of-a-kind Rare Noggin in My Singing Monsters takes patience and the right techniques. With the breeding guidelines provided in this guide, you can set up the ideal conditions for Rare Noggin breeding success. Take advantage of monster combinations, high levels, upgraded structures, and special events to obtain this sought-after rare monster. Soon your islands will be filled with the unique sounds of the Rare Noggin!

For even more breeding tips and strategies, check out our other My Singing Monsters breeding guides. With enough persistence and luck, you can collect all the rare monsters. Let us know if you have any other questions about breeding Rare Noggin or other monsters in My Singing Monsters!


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