How to Breed Rare Quarrister in My Singing Monsters?

How to Breed Rare Quarrister?

One of the most coveted monsters is the Rare Quarrister, a magical variant of the regular Quarrister. Breeding a Rare Quarrister can be tricky, but with the right techniques and combinations, any motivated Monster Master can obtain this amazing rare.

In this comprehensive guide, I’ll explain everything you need to know to successfully breed a rare quarrister. I’ll cover the breeding requirements, optimal combinations, expected success rates, coin generation, song, breeding tips, and address frequently asked questions. Whether you’re a seasoned veteran or a novice just starting out, you’ll learn valuable insights to help you breed rare quarristers efficiently. So let’s dive in!

How to Breed Rare Quarrister?

How to Breed Rare Quarrister?

To breed a Rare Quarrister in My Singing Monsters, you need to combine monsters with Plant, Cold, Air, and Earth elements without repeating any elements. Some possible combinations include Drumpler (Earth, Cold) + Dandidoo (Plant, Air) or Thumpies (Air, Plant, Cold) + Noggin (Earth). Breeding Rare Quarrister is only possible during specific events

Breeding Requirements

Breeding a rare quarrister requires using monsters that collectively contribute four specific elements – Plant, Cold, Air, and Earth. It’s essential not to use any duplicates when picking your breeding pair, as this will disrupt the delicate formula required to breed this rare monster. The perfect recipe is ensuring each element is covered once and only once.

Breeding Combinations

There are a couple effective approaches to achieve the precise elemental combination for a rare quarrister:

Two 2-Element Monster Combinations

One method is breeding two monsters that each contribute two of the required elements. Here are some of the top monster pairs:

  • Drumpler (Earth, Cold) + Dandidoo (Plant, Air)
  • Shrubb (Earth, Plant) + Pango (Cold, Air)
  • Furcorn (Cold, Plant) + Cybop (Earth, Air)
  • Noggin (Earth) + Thumpies (Cold, Plant, Air)
  • Mammott (Cold) + Reedling (Plant, Earth, Air)

These pairings provide the exact elements without any duplicates, giving you a shot at breeding that coveted rare quarrister.

One 3-Element and One 1-Element Monster Combinations

Another technique is to breed a single element monster with a triple element monster that contributes the other three elements. Some recommended pairings:

  • Reedling (Air, Plant, Earth) + Mammott (Cold)
  • Thumpies (Air, Plant, Cold) + Noggin (Earth)
  • PomPom (Air, Earth, Cold) + Potbelly (Plant)
  • Clamble (Plant, Earth, Cold) + Tweedle (Air)

Usually the 3-element plus 1-element pairing will have higher success rates, but both approaches can work!

Combination Type Monster 1 Monster 2
Two 2-Element Monsters Drumpler (Earth, Cold) Dandidoo (Plant, Air)
Two 2-Element Monsters Shrubb (Earth, Plant) Pango (Cold, Air)
Two 2-Element Monsters Furcorn (Cold, Plant) Cybop (Earth, Air)
Two 2-Element Monsters Noggin (Earth) Thumpies (Cold, Plant, Air)
Two 2-Element Monsters Mammott (Cold) Reedling (Plant, Earth, Air)
One 3-Element and One 1-Element Monsters Reedling (Air, Plant, Earth) Mammott (Cold)
One 3-Element and One 1-Element Monsters Thumpies (Air, Plant, Cold) Noggin (Earth)
One 3-Element and One 1-Element Monsters PomPom (Air, Earth, Cold) Potbelly (Plant)
One 3-Element and One 1-Element Monsters Clamble (Plant, Earth, Cold) Tweedle (Air)

Breeding Success Rate

It’s important to set proper expectations when trying to breed any rare monster. Even with the optimal elemental combinations, your chance of breeding a rare quarrister on any given try remains low. Typically you’ll want to attempt during special breeding events, which boost your odds. But don’t be discouraged – with enough persistence and patience you can beat the odds! Expect to try many times before finally achieving success.

Coin Production and Benefits of Rare Quarrister

Once you’ve finally bred your rare quarrister, it’ll quickly start producing coins. At level 15, a rare quarrister generates 390 coins per minute on Plant Island. That outproduces the regular quarrister by a staggering 195 additional coins per minute!

Having a rare quarrister enriches your islands with beautiful music and provides a major boost to your economy. It also lets you flex your accomplishments to friends with an awe-inspiring rare monster. Overall, the benefits of obtaining a rare quarrister make all that breeding effort worthwhile.

Rare Quarrister’s Song

The rare quarrister has a serene, magical song using a harp sound. Its relaxing tones beautifully complement the other monsters. Plus, hearing the harp reminds you of the satisfaction in finally breeding this magnificent rare monster after so much diligent effort.

Tips for Breeding Rare Quarrister

Here are some tips to help boost your chances and make the breeding process smoother:

Patience and Timing

Rare quarrister can only be bred during special events, so make sure to wait for the right opportunity. Don’t waste resources trying during normal times. Once the event starts, be patient and persistent. With the breeding time being 1 day, 6 hours, and 30 minutes, it takes significant patience. But you’ll get there!

Using Rare Versions of Monsters

Consider using the rare versions of the required monsters if you have them, as this further increases breed success rates. For example, breeding a rare thumpies with a normal noggin can help.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best combination for breeding Rare Quarrister?

The most optimal combination is breeding a normal Noggin with a normal or rare Thumpies. This pairing provides the right elements without duplicates and has the lowest average fail times.

Can I purchase Rare Quarrister from the StarShop?

Yes! Rare Quarrister is sometimes available for purchase in the StarShop rotation. So keep an eye out for opportunities to buy it directly with your hard-earned starpower.

What is the breeding time for Rare Quarrister?

The breeding time for a rare quarrister is 1 day, 6 hours, and 30 minutes. This long wait can test your patience, but makes success so much sweeter.

Can I breed Rare Quarrister with the same elements as its common counterpart?

Yes, rare quarrister uses the exact same elements for breeding as the regular version – Plant, Cold, Air, and Earth. You just need higher rarity monsters and event luck on your side.

Is it possible to breed Rare Quarrister outside of specific events?

Unfortunately, no. Rare quarrister can only be bred during designated special events. Don’t waste your time trying during normal periods.

What are the elements required for breeding Rare Quarrister?

You’ll need monsters collectively contributing the Plant, Cold, Air, and Earth elements. Avoid duplicates for best results.

Can I use duplicate elements when breeding Rare Quarrister?

Duplicate elements should always be avoided when trying to breed rare monsters like quarrister. Stick to the precise formula for success!


Breeding a rare quarrister in My Singing Monsters requires patience, the right monster combinations, and perfect timing during special events. But the rewards are well worth it! With enhanced coin generation, beautiful music, and bragging rights, rare quarrister is a highly valuable addition to your islands. I hope this comprehensive guide provided the tips and info you need to breed a rare quarrister. Just stay persistent and keep trying different combinations until you finally achieve success. Happy monster breeding!


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