How to Breed Scups in My Singing Monsters?

How to Breed Scups?

The rubbery and sticky Scups is a quirky yet charming monster in My Singing Monsters. With its suction cup feet that cling to any surface, this Triple-Element monster produces funny squelching sounds that add lively rhythms to an island’s song. Breeding a Scups requires patience and the right monster combinations, but successfully hatching one is worth the effort. Read on to learn all about Scups and how to add this suctioned serenader to your islands.

Who is Scups in My Singing Monster?

How to Breed Scups?

Scups is a Triple-Element Monster that can be placed on Air Island, Earth Island, and Water Island. It was added to the game on September 12, 2012 during Version 1.0.2.

Scups has a round, blob-like body that is filled with water. Three suction cup feet allow it to stick to almost any surface. Despite its heavy, water-laden body, Scups can use air pressure from its suction cup feet to lift itself off the ground. This produces its distinctive squelching and popping sounds.


Scups’ song consists of sticky, squishy sounds made by suction cups and plungers. Its feet act like large plungers that get pulled on and off surfaces. Maggie Park is the vocal performer that created Scups’ funny noises.

How to Breed a Scups?

Because Scups is a Triple-Element Monster, breeding it requires a combination of monsters that collectively provide the elements of Air, Earth, and Water. Here are some possible combinations to breed Scups:

Scups Breeding Combination 1

  • Tweedle + Fwog
  • Quibble + Noggin
  • Cybop + Toe Jammer

The Tweedle and Fwog combination provides Air, Earth, and Water elements. Quibble and Noggin also cover all three elements. Finally, Cybop brings Air and Earth while Toe Jammer contributes Water.

Out of these pairings, Quibble and Noggin have the highest chance of success. Tweedle and Fwog take slightly longer, but have low failure rates.

Scups can also result from failed breeding attempts. Useful combinations include:

Scups Breeding Combination 2

Scups Breeding Combination 3

Scups Breeding Combination 4

  • Scups + Rare Scups (best choice, 100% chance of Scups)
  • Scups + Riff
  • Scups + Shellbeat
  • Scups + Noggin

Breeding Time

The standard breeding time for Scups is 12 hours. However, using enhanced breeding structures like the Enhanced Breeding Structure can reduce this time.

Here are the breeding times for Scups with different structures:

Structure Breeding Time
Standard Breeding Structure 12 hours
Enhanced Breeding Structure 11 hours 12 mins
Epic Breeding Structure 10 hours 24 mins


The Scups egg is white with light blue spots. It resembles a smooth, round pearl or bead. The egg sits in a suction cup-shaped base that matches Scups’ foot.

A green variant of the Scups egg appears when breeding for Rare Scups.

Lives Here

Scups lives on Air Island, Earth Island, and Water Island. Its suction cup feet allow it to adhere to almost any surface on these islands.


Scups has the following likes:

  • Quibble (level 7)
  • Harpsitree (level 14)
  • Castanevine (level 18)
  • Dragon Tower (level 20)

Monsters Who Like Scups

The following monsters will increase their happiness when placed near a Scups:

  • Quibble
  • Yawstrich (on Air Island)
  • Rare Scups


Scups has a number of costumes available:

Costume Availability Price
Plans for Nigel Weekly Versus Match 40 diamonds (discounted) <br> 60 diamonds (full price)
Space Ploddity Always available 37,500 coins (discounted) <br> 56,250 coins (full price)
Plug Lyfe Weekly Quest 25 diamonds (discounted) <br> 37 diamonds (full price)
Ruddy Rednose Festival of Yay 25 diamonds
Nest Egg Eggy Series Eggs-Travaganza 25 diamonds

Feeding Requirements

It takes 4 feedings for Scups to reach each new level. The food required per level is:

Level Food Required
Level 1 4
Level 2 8
Level 3 12
Level 4 16
Level 5 20
Level 6 24
Level 7 28
Level 8 32
Level 9 36
Level 10 40

Monster Variations

The only variant of Scups is Rare Scups, which can be bred by using the regular Scups monster. Rare Scups generates coins faster than the regular version.

Coin Prices

Here are the coin prices for purchasing and selling Scups:

Action Coins
Buying 100
Selling 20

50 Diamonds can also be used to buy SCups.

Earning Rate and Maximum Income

The income per minute and maximum income for Scups at each level is:

Level Earning Rate per Minute Maximum Income
1 7-14 coins 2,856 coins
10 56-112 coins 22,848 coins
20 97-194 coins 39,711 coins

Earning rate increases with higher levels and happiness.

Egg Consumption

Scups eggs can be used to feed certain Wublins, Celestials and Vessels. This includes:

  • Pixolotl, Astropod, Dermit, Gheegur, Dwumrohl, Poewk (Wublins)
  • Hornacle, Galvana, Syncopite, Vhamp, Attmoz, Torrt (Celestials)
  • Kayna, Whaddle, Sooza, Thrumble, Floogull, Bowhead (Vessels)

Placement XP


Possible Monster Names

Possible names for Scups include:

  • Squishy
  • Sucker
  • Popper
  • Squelchie
  • PlungerFeet
  • StickyStomper


With its amusing suction cup noises and lively rhythms, Scups is a fun monster to add to any island. Just be patient when breeding and use monster combinations that provide Air, Earth, and Water elements. In no time, you’ll have a Scups popping and squelching away, stuck firmly to wherever you place it!

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take to breed Scups?

The standard breeding time for Scups is 12 hours. Using enhanced breeding structures can reduce this time.

What is the best way to get a Scups?

Breeding a Quibble and Noggin has the highest chance of getting a Scups. Tweedle and Fwog also work well.

Can Scups be teleported to any island?

No, Scups can only live on Air Island, Earth Island, and Water Island. Its Triple-Element nature limits it to those three islands.

Does Scups earn coins quickly?

No, as a Triple-Element monster Scups has lower coin production than Single or Double-Element monsters. But its lively song is worth having!

What elements does Scups provide in breeding?

Scups provide the Air, Earth, and Water elements for breeding other monsters.


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