How to Breed Strombonin in My Singing Monsters?

how to breed strombonin

Strombonin is a mythical monster that combines musicality and mythical qualities to create a truly one-of-a-kind monster. Breeding Strombonin can be tricky, but with the right combinations and some patience, you can add this amazing monster to your islands.

Who is Strombonin in My Singing Monster?

how to breed strombonin

Strombonin is a mythical monster that first appears on Cold Island. It features a light blue body with white swirl patterns and a long snout. On its back is a large pink conch shell that contains a smaller monster called a Strombone. When Strombonin sings, the Strombone plays the shell like a trombone, creating a brassy jazz sound.

Strombonin is described as a “masterless drifter” that wanders the icy floes around Cold Island. It is a solitary monster, keeping company only with its Strombone companion. Despite its stoic nature, Strombonin’s singing brings loud, rebellious music to the island.


Strombonin produces a trombone sound by using the Strombone inside its conch shell. The Strombone plays short jazzy phrases and swells, falls, and other trombone articulations. On Cold Island, the phrases are staccato, while on Mythical Island they feature more embellishments like growls and slides.

How to Breed a Strombonin?

Strombonin can be bred using the following combinations:

Strombonin Breeding combination 1

Combination Breeding Time
Spunge + Bowgart 23 hours
Rare Spunge + Bowgart 23 hours
Spunge + Rare Bowgart 23 hours
Rare Spunge + Rare Bowgart 23 hours

The standard breeding time is 23 hours. Using enhanced breeding structures like the Enhanced Breeding Structure can reduce this time.

On Mythical Island, Strombonin can be bred by trying to breed a Cranchee:

Strombonin Breeding combination 2

Combination Breeding Time
Cataliszt + Strombonin 23 hours

Breeding Time

Structure Standard Time Enhanced Time
Standard Breeding Structure 23 hours 17 hours 15 minutes
Enhanced Breeding Structure 20 hours 42 minutes 14 hours 57 minutes




Strombonin’s egg is light blue with a faint spiral pattern. A pink conch shell sits in the middle. When it hatches, the shell splits in half to reveal the baby Strombonin.

Lives Here

  • Cold Island (unlocked at level 9)
  • Mythical Island


Strombonin likes:

  • Spunge
  • Cataliszt
  • Kab’s Wax
  • Shrini
  • Cave Crystal Teleporter

Monsters Who Like Strombonin

These monsters have increased happiness when near a Strombonin:

  • Cataliszt
  • Cranchee
  • Rare Strombonin
  • Epic Wubbox


Strombonin has one seasonal costume available:

  • Peppermint Swirl (Festival of Yay series)

Feeding Requirements

Level Food per Feed Total Food to Next Level
1 4 16
2 6 24
3 8 32
4 12 48
5 16 64
6 20 80
7 24 96
8 30 120
9 36 144
10 42 168

Monster Variations

Strombonin has one rare variant:

  • Rare Strombonin

Coin Prices

Island Purchase Price Selling Price
Cold Island 225 diamonds 168,750 coins
Mythical Island 500 diamonds 168,750 coins

Earning Rate and Maximum Income

Level Max Coins Coins per Minute at Max Happiness
1 2,856 14
10 22,848 112
15 34,272 168
20 39,698 194

Egg Consumption

Strombonin’s eggs provide 80,000 shards when consumed on Tribal Island.

Placement XP


Possible Monster Names

Strombonin can have the following random names:

Aarbonin, Aerbonin, Arbonin, Erbonin, Irvyn, Orbyn, Urbonin, Yrbyn

Conclusion Notes

  • Strombonin is the first new mythical monster added since 2014.
  • It was designed based on community polls and input.
  • Strombonin drifts on the icy floes around Cold Island.
  • Its shell contains a Strombone that plays trombone phrases.
  • Use Spunge and Bowgart to breed Strombonin on Cold Island.

Frequently Asked Questions

How rare is Strombonin?

As a mythical monster, Strombonin is one of the rarest monsters in the game. It can only be bred using specific combos rather than being available for purchase.

What islands can Strombonin live on?

Strombonin starts on Cold Island, and can be teleported to Mythical Island once reaching level 15.

Does Strombonin have a rare version?

Yes, there is a rare version called Rare Strombonin that can also be bred.

What elements is Strombonin?

Strombonin has the mythical element. It does not have a natural element.

How long does it take to breed Strombonin?

The standard breeding time is 23 hours. This can be reduced using enhanced breeding structures.


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