How to Breed Yawstrich in My Singing Monsters?

how to breed yawstrich

Yawstrich has a unique design featuring four wings and one leg, Yawstrich brings a distinct vocal contribution of yodeling to any island. Breeding Yawstrich can be tricky, but with the right monster combinations and some patience, you can add this rare monster to your collection.

Who is Yawstrich in My Singing Monsters?

how to breed yawstrich

Yawstrich is a mythical monster that first appears on Air Island in My Singing Monsters. It has a bird-like appearance with four blue wings and one skinny leg. Its head has two feathers sticking up and a yellow beak.

Known for its superb balance and shrill call, Yawstrich communicates with other monsters through a series of yodels. Its vocals add a touch of exalted yodeling to any island’s song.


Yawstrich contributes unique yodeling vocals to an island’s song. Its parts consist of drawn-out vocalizations of “yo”, “lo”, and “lee”. These yodels create a sense of height and exaltation.

On Air Island, Yawstrich is voiced by Dave Kerr. On Mythical Island, it is likely voiced by Tom Meikle, though this is unconfirmed.

How to Breed a Yawstrich?

There are two main combinations for breeding Yawstrich:

Air Island

Yawstrich Breeding Combination 1

  • Scups + T-Rox

This will have a small chance of resulting in a Yawstrich. Other possible outcomes include Rare Noggin and Rare Toe Jammer.

Mythical Island

Yawstrich Breeding Combination 2

  • Cataliszt + Yawstrich

This will have a chance of resulting in a duplicate Yawstrich when attempting to breed Sporerow.

Using enhanced breeding structures like the Enhanced Breeding Structure and Rare Wubbox will increase your chances of successfully breeding this monster.

Breeding Combo Island
Scups + T-Rox Air Island
Cataliszt + Yawstrich Mythical Island

Breeding Time

The breeding time for a Yawstrich egg is:

  • Default: 1 day and 4 hours
  • Enhanced: 21 hours
  • Enhanced + Boosted: 18 hours and 12 minutes

So it takes just over a day to breed Yawstrich without boosts. Having an Enhanced Breeding Structure helps speed this up.



The Yawstrich egg is blue with orange spots. It has four wing-like protrusions sticking out the top and bottom, matching its eventual mature form with four wings.

When the egg hatches, a high-pitched yodeling sound plays, signaling the reveal of a new Yawstrich.

Lives Here

Yawstrich lives on the following islands:

  • Air Island
  • Mythical Island
  • Mirror Air Island (icon only)

It starts on Air Island and can be teleported to Mythical Island once reaching level 15.


To maximize its happiness, Yawstrich enjoys the following decorations:

  • Scups (Air Island)
  • G’joob (Mythical Island)
  • Mountain Morsel
  • Wubbox Stockpile
  • Jarhead (Mystery Like)

Monsters Who Like Yawstrich

The following monsters will have increased happiness when placed near a Yawstrich:

  • G’joob (Mythical Island)
  • Sporerow (Mythical Island)
  • Rare Yawstrich
  • Epic Wubbox (Air Island)


The only Yawstrich costume available is:

  • Yawstrich (First Date) – Love Series

Feeding Requirements

Here are the food amounts needed to reach each level:

Level Food Required
Level 1 4
Level 2 8
Level 3 12
Level 4 16
Level 5 20
Level 6 24
Level 7 28
Level 8 32
Level 9 36
Level 10 40

It takes 4 feedings per level as usual.

Monster Variations

The only variation available for Yawstrich is:

  • Rare Yawstrich

Rare Yawstrich has a pink body instead of blue.

Coin Prices

Here are the diamond prices for purchasing Yawstrich:

  • Air Island: 225 diamonds
  • Mythical Island: 500 diamonds

Selling Price:

168,750 Coins

Earning Rate and Maximum Income

The income stats at each level are:

Level Max Coins Coins/Minute at Max Happiness
1 2,856 14
10 22,848 112
15 34,272 168

Income increases with level and happiness percentage. At max happiness, level 15 earns 168 coins per minute.

Egg Consumption

Yawstrich consumes 10% less food than most two-element Ethereal monsters.

Placement XP


Possible Monster Names

Possible names for Yawstrich include:

  • Yodeler
  • Wingstrich
  • YoYo
  • Featherbill
  • Skywalker

Conclusion Notes

With its rare mythical status and distinct yodeling vocals, Yawstrich is a cool monster to add to your islands. Follow the breeding guidelines above and with some patience, you’ll be able to breed your own Yawstrich. Just watch out for its shrill yodeling!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is there a rare version of Yawstrich?

A: Yes, there is a rare version called Rare Yawstrich that has a pink body instead of blue.

Q: What islands can Yawstrich live on?

A: Yawstrich starts on Air Island. Once it reaches level 15, it can be teleported to live on Mythical Island as well.

Q: Does Yawstrich have any costumes available?

A: Currently its only costume is Yawstrich (First Date) which is part of the Love Series.

Q: What elements is Yawstrich?

A: Yawstrich has the mythical element. It does not have any natural elements.

Q: What’s the breeding time for a Yawstrich egg?

A: The base breeding time is 1 day and 4 hours. With an Enhanced Breeding Structure, it takes 21 hours.


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