How to Breed Yool in My Singing Monsters? – Detailed Instructions

How to Breed Yool in My Singing Monsters

Are you tired of hearing the same old tunes from your monsters in My Singing Monsters? Well, it’s time to spice things up with Yool. It is the ultimate musical powerhouse that will have your audience cheering for more. But here’s the catch, breeding a Yool is no easy feat. So, how do you Breed a Yool in My Singing Monsters?

It requires a lot of patience, dedication, and knowledge about the right combination. This blog post will introduce you to the intriguing world of My Singing Monsters with a Yool, and explain how to breed one. So sit tight, and get ready to dive into the exciting world of monster breeding.

Who is Yool in My Singing Monsters?

Who is Yool in My singing monsters

Yool is a charming and festive Monster that hails from the chilly realm of Cold Island. This Seasonal Monster is a beloved staple of the Festival of Yay season, which celebrates the joys of wintertime. Every gamer wants to know how to get yool in my singing monsters. As a designated Seasonal Monster, Yool is available for a limited time each year and cannot be obtained outside of this season.

One exciting thing about Yool is that it can be teleported to the Seasonal Shanty once it has been fed and leveled up to level 15. Here, Yool shines even brighter, demonstrating a higher level of coin production and making it a valuable Monster to have in one’s collection.

Yool Egg

Before you start your journey on how to breed yool in my singing monsters, take a look at its egg.

Yool Egg

Home to the Yool

  • Cold Island
  • Gold Island

Likes of Yool

Yool is a peculiar Monster with specific preferences that should be considered if you want to keep it happy. It is important to remember that repeating items of Yool’s likes will not make him happier. To determine how do you breed a yool in my singing monsters, keeping them happy is also essential. Focus on having a variety of favored objects nearby, as this will increase its overall mood. Yool likes the following:

  • Deedge (level 9)
  • Thumpies (requires level 9)
  • Blabbit (level 9)
  • Piney Tree (level 13)
  • Festival of Yay Path (level 15)
  • Crumpler Tree (level 19)

How do you Breed Yool in My Singing Monsters?

how do you breed a yool in my singing monsters

The window for breeding Yool is limited to “The Festival of Yay”, where players have a higher chance of obtaining this festive monster. To breed Yool, you will need to combine two specific monsters:

thumpies in my singing monsters+ Congle for how do you breed a yool in my singing monsters(Thumpies and Congle)

While some players may remember that Yool was previously paired with Deedge and Thumpies, the combination has since been altered.

Once you have the necessary monsters, place them in the breeding structure and wait for the breeding period to end. If successful, a Yool egg will be produced, which can then be placed in an incubator to hatch. Yool may require patience, and my singing monsters yool breeding time to breed. However, this festive monster will be worth the effort once you breed it successfully.

This seasonal creature is a rare find, and its scarcity makes it a valuable commodity on the game’s market. For the bargain price of just 225 Diamonds, players can purchase a regular Yool and turn around to sell it for a whopping 168,750 Gold Coins. 

But the real jackpot comes with the Rare and Epic Yools. These variants are even harder to find by my singing monsters breeding guide yule, but the payoff is worth the investment. A Rare Yool can be purchased for 500 Diamonds but can be sold for 375,000 Gold Coins. And an Epic Yool can be had for 1,000 Diamonds, only to be resold for 750,000 Gold Coins.

How to Breed Yool on Cold Island?

  1. Open the Breeding Structure menu on Cold Island.
  2. Select the Thumpies monster.
  3. Select the Congle monster.
  4. Confirm the pairing and wait for the breeding process to complete.
  5. After 1 day and 12 hours, return to collect your newly bred Yool!
Monster Breeding Combination
Yool Thumpies + Congle
Rare Yool Thumpies + Congle
Epic Yool Deedge + Pango


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Wrapping Up!

Breeding a Yool may seem difficult, but with some patience and luck, you can learn how to breed the yool in my singing monsters. Remember to have a cold Island and a Torch as parents, and breed during the month of December for the best chances of success. And don’t forget to stock up on many Toy blocks to keep your Yool entertained! 

The Yool’s unique sound and festive appearance make it a favorite among players during the holiday season. So, gather your friends to sing with your Yool in My Singing Monsters.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. What are the best ways to breed in my singing monsters?

Breeding in My Singing Monsters is easiest when you combine a Monster and its Rare counterpart. This ensures a 100% success rate in creating the desired Monster. However, if the Rare variant is unavailable, you can use Quad + Single combinations.

Q2. How do you breed rare stuff in my singing monsters?

To breed Rares in My Singing Monsters, you need to have parents that are at least level 4 and belong to the same element or have two elements. Rares can only be bred during specific events and can also be purchased from the Shop with Diamonds.

Q3. How do you breed a yool without a yool?

As for how to breed yool on my singing monsters without already having one, players must use teleporting on Seasonal Shanty. The best combination is Yool + Monculus, as it has the shortest waiting time if a Yool is not produced. Teleporting is a key strategy for players who wish to obtain rare creatures on Seasonal Shanty.


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