My Singing Monsters Characters List: A Complete Guide

my singing monsters characters list

As an avid player and fan of My Singing Monsters for years now, I wanted to create the ultimate guide to all the different monster characters found throughout the many islands and habitats of the Monster World. With new monsters constantly being added through special events and updates, it can be hard to keep track of the hundreds of unique, musical monsters found in My Singing Monsters!

In this guide, I will provide a comprehensive list of all the My Singing Monsters characters currently available in the game. I’ve organized them by type and element to make it easy to find your favorites. Whether you’re a newer player just starting out or a seasoned veteran looking to complete your collection, this guide has all the singing monsters details you need!

What is the Complete List of My Singing Monsters Characters?

my singing monsters characters list

My Singing Monsters contains many different types of musical monsters, including natural, ethereal, seasonal, mythical, legendary, magical, and more. Let’s take a closer look at each category:

Natural Monsters

The Natural Monsters make up the core group of monsters in My Singing Monsters. These monsters can be found on the main Natural Islands in the game, like Plant Island, Cold Island, Air Island, Water Island, and Earth Island.

Single Element Monsters:

Noggin, Mammott, Toe Jammer, Potbelly, Tweedle

Double Element Monsters:

Drumpler, Fwog, Maw, Oaktopus, Dandidoo, Pango, Quibble, Cybop, Shrubb, Oaktapus, Furcorn, T-Rox, Pummel, Clamble, Bowgart, Spunge, Thumpies, Congle, PomPom, Scups, Reedling, Entbrat, Deedge, Riff, Shellbeat, Quarrister

Fire Monsters

The Fire Monsters were introduced with Fire Haven and can now also be found on Fire Oasis. Some examples include:

Kayna, Glowl, Flowah, Phangler, Boskus, Stogg, Rootitoot, Ziggurab, Thrumble, Sooza, Repatillo, Whaddle, Woolabee, Wynq, Yelmut, Krillby, Squiddo, Tring, Sneyser, Bridg-it, Banjaw, Glaishur, Pluckbill, Bowgart, Yuggler, Wimmzies, Peckidna, Denchuhs, G’day, Knucklehead, Bona-Petite, Maulch, Fleechwurm

Ethereal Monsters

The Ethereal Island monsters are rare, ghostly versions of natural monsters. They come in both Single Element and Double Element varieties:

Single Element Ethereals:

Ghazt, Grumpyre, Reebro, Jeeode, Humbug

Double Element Ethereals:

Whisp, Nebulob, Sox, Jellbilly, Arackulele, Boodoo, Kazilleon, Bellowfish, Dragong, Fung Pray

Seasonal Monsters

As their name suggests, Seasonal Monsters appear on the islands during specific times of the year:

Punkleton, Yool, Schmoochle, Blabbit, Hoola, Gobbleygourd, Clavavera

Mythical Monsters

The Mythical Monsters are special rare monsters that can be challenging to breed and acquire:

G’joob, Yawstrich, Bleatnik, Cranchee, Cherubble, Sporerow, Strombonin, Cataliszt

Legendary Monsters

The Legendary group features monsters based around musical genres and instruments:

Shugabush, Shugarock, Shugabass, Shugitar, Shugajo, Shugabeats, Shugabuzz, Shugavox, Shugitar, Shugapop

Magical Monsters

Magical Monsters can be found on islands like Psychic Island and Faerie Island. Some examples:

Theremind, Floot Fly, Clackula, Poppette, Roarick, Squot, Yuggler, Wimmzies, Xyster, Thrumble, Sooza, Repatillo, Whaddle, Woolabee, Wynq, Yelmut, Krillby, Squiddo, Tring, Sneyser, Bridg-it, Banjaw, Glaishur, Pluckbill, Bowgart. 

Natural Monsters With Their Elements and Native Islands

Monster Elements Native Islands
Noggin Earth Plant, Earth, Gold
Mammott Cold Plant, Cold, Gold
Toe Jammer Water Plant, Water, Gold
Potbelly Plant Plant, Earth, Gold
Tweedle Air Plant, Air, Gold
Drumpler Earth, Cold Cold, Earth, Gold
Fwog Water, Earth Cold, Water, Gold
Maw Plant, Earth Cold, Earth, Gold
Oaktopus Water, Plant Cold, Water, Gold
Dandidoo Plant, Air Air, Earth, Gold
Pango Cold, Air Air, Cold, Gold
Quibble Air, Water Air, Water, Gold
Cybop Air, Earth Air, Earth, Gold
Shrubb Plant, Earth Earth, Gold
Oaktapus Water, Plant Water, Gold
Furcorn Cold, Plant Cold, Gold
T-Rox Earth, Cold Earth, Gold
Pummel Earth, Water Water, Gold
Clamble Earth, Air Earth, Gold
Bowgart Cold, Water Cold, Gold
Spunge Water, Air Water, Gold
Thumpies Cold, Air Cold, Gold
Congle Earth, Air Earth, Gold
PomPom Air, Plant Air, Gold
Scups Water, Air Water, Gold
Reedling Earth, Water Earth, Gold
Entbrat Earth, Plant Earth, Gold
Deedge Cold, Earth Cold, Gold
Riff Air, Earth Air, Gold
Shellbeat Water, Earth Water, Gold
Quarrister Earth, Cold, Air Earth, Gold

Ethereal Monsters with Their Elements and Available Rarities

Monster Elements Available Rarities
Ghazt Plasma Common, Rare, Epic
Grumpyre Shadow Common, Rare, Epic
Reebro Mech Common, Rare, Epic
Jeeode Crystal Common, Rare, Epic
Humbug Poison Common, Rare, Epic
Whisp Plasma, Shadow Common, Rare
Nebulob Plasma, Mech Common, Rare
Sox Shadow, Mech Common, Rare
Jellbilly Shadow, Crystal Common, Rare
Arackulele Mech, Crystal Common, Rare
Boodoo Mech, Poison Common, Rare
Kazilleon Crystal, Poison Common, Rare
Bellowfish Plasma, Poison Common, Rare
Dragong Shadow, Plasma Common, Rare
Fung Pray Mech, Shadow Common, Rare

Seasonal Monsters with Their Elements and Available Rarities

Monster Elements Available Rarities
Punkleton Spooktacle Common, Rare, Epic
Yool Yay Common, Rare, Epic
Schmoochle Love Common, Rare, Epic
Blabbit Egg Common, Rare, Epic
Hoola SummerSong Common, Rare, Epic
Gobbleygourd Feast-Ember Common, Rare
Clavavera Beat Common, Rare

How to breed and collect My Singing Monsters characters?

Now that you know all the different types of musical monsters in My Singing Monsters, let’s discuss how to actually obtain them for your own islands!

Breeding Basics

Monsters can be bred together at the Breeding Structure using coins or shards. Different element combinations have a chance to produce different monsters. The breeding times range from a few minutes to over a day depending on the rarity of the monster.

Breeding Combinations

There are many guides and charts that provide specific breeding combinations for all the monsters. Some key things to remember:

  • Use monsters with the desired elements
  • Certain monsters can only be acquired through special means
  • Rares, epics, and other special monsters have lower chances of breeding

Collecting and Leveling Up Monsters

When a monster finishes incubating, it will appear in your nursery. You can then place it on an island. Feeding a monster treats increases its level up to the maximum of 20. Leveling up monsters boosts their coins per minute production.

My Singing Monsters Islands and Habitats

Now let’s take a quick look at all the different islands and habitats where you can find and place the monsters:

Natural Islands

The main islands in My Singing Monsters like Plant Island, Cold Island, Air Island, Water Island, Earth Island

Fire and Magical Islands

Other elemental islands such as Fire Haven, Fire Oasis, Psychic Island, Faerie Island, Bone Island, Light Island, Oasis Island

Gold Island

Gold Island allows you to place your highest-earning monsters to generate more coins and shards.

Tips and Tricks for My Singing Monsters

Here are some helpful tips and strategies as you build your own monster world:

Maximizing Coin Production

Place your highest earning monsters on Gold Island. Level up your monsters. Use boosts wisely.

Efficient Breeding and Hatching

Study breeding charts to target specific monsters. Have multiple breeding structures. Prioritize rare monsters.

Expanding and Decorating Islands

Save up coins to buy island expansions when available. Place monsters that “like” decorations near them. Create fun, unique themes for each island.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here I’ll answer some common questions players have about My Singing Monsters:

How do I unlock new islands in My Singing Monsters?

To unlock new islands, you need to reach specific levels or complete certain goals in the game.

Can I trade or gift monsters to other players?

No, trading or gifting monsters to other players is not a feature in My Singing Monsters.

How do I obtain Rare and Epic Monsters?

Rare and Epic Monsters can be obtained through breeding, purchasing in the market, or participating in special events.

What is the maximum level for monsters?

The maximum level for monsters in My Singing Monsters is 20.

How do I increase the happiness of my monsters?

To increase the happiness of your monsters, place decorations and other monsters that they like near them.

Can I transfer my game progress to a new device?

Yes, you can transfer your game progress to a new device by connecting your game to a Big Blue Bubble account.

Are there any in-game events or special promotions?

Yes, My Singing Monsters frequently hosts in-game events and special promotions, such as seasonal events and limited-time offers.


And there you have it – the ultimate guide to all the characters and monsters of My Singing Monsters! From natural monsters like Toe Jammer to ethereal monsters like Ghazt, this list covers every unique, musical creature in the game. I hope this guide provides fans and new players alike everything they need to know about collecting these quirky singing monsters. Happy monster breeding! Don’t forget to have fun exploring all the different islands and habitats of the Monster World!


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