My Singing Monsters Toys Series 3: A Detailed Guide

my singing monsters toys series 3

As an avid fan of the whimsical world of My Singing Monsters, I was thrilled to learn of the release of Series 3 toys! In this blog post, I’ll provide a detailed guide to these new figurines and merchandise to help fellow Monster Handlers make the most of this exciting launch.

From an overview of the unique features in Series 3 to where to find the toys and how to redeem codes, I’ve got you covered. I’ll also highlight official My Singing Monsters merchandise, from apparel to limited edition collectibles. By the end, you’ll be equipped with the knowledge to build your collection and fully immerse yourself in the Monster universe!

My Singing Monsters Toys Series 3: What’s New?

my singing monsters toys series 3

The main draw of Series 3 lies in the fresh cast of Monsters and creative designs. This latest set introduces fan-favorites like the Furcorn, Mammott, Cybop, and more in colorful plastic and metallic finishes. Each figure contains a code to unlock vocal parts and instruments in the game. Special gold and crystal variants add glittery flair. Plus, the packaging itself is art; the boxes depict scenes straight from the islands.

Compared to the homespun style of Series 1 and the polished Collectors’ Edition of Series 2, these toys blend imagination with quality. The sculpts have an animated look while retaining plenty of detail. As a result, the characters seem ready to sing and dance right off the shelf! Series 3 also has a uniform style across single, triple, and six packs, allowing collectors to mix and match.

In all, the Series 3 toys stay true to the spirit of My Singing Monsters while upping the ante with new monsters, designs, and attention to detail. As a fan, I’m thrilled with the care and quality put into this latest set! Now, let’s get into the specifics of which figures you can find!

List of Monsters in Series 3

Here is the complete list of monsters featured in the My Singing Monsters Series 3 toys:

  • Furcorn
  • Mammott
  • Cybop
  • PomPom
  • Bowgart
  • Pango
  • Congle
  • Quarrister
  • Screemu
  • Barrb
  • Flum Ox
  • Rootitoot
  • Potbelly
  • Noggin
  • Kayna
  • Furcorn (Gold edition)
  • Mammott (Crystal edition)

The lineup includes classics like Furcorn and Potbelly alongside new faces such as Flum Ox and Screemu. There’s a diverse mix of elements and Monster designs sure to delight any fan. Special gold and crystal variants add extra flair to Furcorn and Mammott figurines.

Where to Buy Series 3 Toys?

Luckily, My Singing Monsters Series 3 toys are widely available across major retailers:

  • Big Blue Bubble Official Store – The official My Singing Monsters shop offers the full range of Series 3 singles, triples, and six packs. This is the best place to buy directly from the source.
  • Amazon – Search “My Singing Monsters Series 3” on Amazon for the complete set of toys and accessory packs. Prime shipping is available.
  • Walmart – Walmart carries Series 3 both online and in many physical stores. Prices are competitive.
  • Target – Target has a selection of Series 3 singles and multi-packs available online for order and in-store pickup.
  • Additional major retailers – Keep an eye out for Series 3 at major chains like GameStop, Barnes and Noble, and more. Stock varies by location.

Online shops offer convenience, but local stores provide the fun of hunting for your favorites. Call ahead to check availability if looking for a specific monster. With various retailers stocking shelves, collecting the whole Series 3 gang is an adventure!

How to Redeem Toy Codes?

Each My Singing Monsters toy contains a unique code printed inside the packaging. Redeeming these codes unlocks vocal parts and instruments for your game islands. Here are the steps:

  1. Locate the code inside your toy packaging. It will be labeled clearly.
  2. Open My Singing Monsters and tap the options icon in the bottom right corner.
  3. Choose “Redeem Code” and enter your toy code when prompted.
  4. Tap submit. A confirmation message will appear once successful.
  5. Head to your islands to place your new monster or instrument!

To redeem multiple toy codes, repeat the process. Take care not to misplace the codes before inputting them. Also, each code only works once. With these steps, you’ll quickly stock your islands with fun additions from your Series 3 toys!

Official Merchandise

Beyond the figures themselves, there’s a whole world of My Singing Monsters official merchandise for fans to explore. The Big Blue Bubble team has expanded the brand into apparel, plushes, collectibles, and more. Here are the highlights:

The My Singing Monsters merch lineup captures the spirit and creativity of the games with fun designs. From t-shirts to plushies, there’s something for every Monster Handler. Read on for the details on some of the coolest offerings!

Category Description
Clothing T-shirts, hoodies, and other apparel featuring My Singing Monsters characters and designs.
Plush Toys Soft, cuddly plush toys representing various My Singing Monsters characters. 
Collectible Figures Detailed figures that can sync with other toys in the series to complete the Plant Island song. 

Clothing and Accessories

Dress up as your favorite Monster with official My Singing Monsters clothing and accessories!

  • T-Shirts – Choose from short and long-sleeve tees sporting colorful Monster designs. There are options for kids and adults.
  • Hoodies and Sweatshirts – Cozy hoodies and pullovers feature patterns of popular Monsters like Mammott, PomPom, and Furcorn.
  • Hats – Knit beanies and baseball caps with the My Singing Monsters logo make perfect daily accessories.
  • Phone Cases – Protect your phone in style with hard cases boasting Monster artwork. Various models are available.
  • Backpacks and Bags – Take your Monster love on the go with backpacks, messenger bags, purses and totes.

Mix and match to show your fandom! The clothing runs from S to XXXL so the whole family can rock My Singing Monsters style.

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Plush Toys

Cute and cuddly plush toys bring iconic monsters to life in huggable form. Choose from:

  • Potbelly Plush – His happy smile and ukulele are captured in soft polyester plush.
  • Mammott Plush – The furry orange Mammott looks ready to sing with plush charm.
  • Kayna Plush – The beautiful pink Kayna plush conveys grace with embroidered details.
  • Noggin Plush – This smiling Noggin plush displays intelligence with a brain helmet and glasses.
  • Furcorn Plush – From the spiraling horn to fluffy body, the Furcorn plush is too cute.

Plush toys range from 7 to 11 inches tall, perfect for play or display. The recognizable traits of each monster translate seamlessly into plush style.

Collectible Figures

For the ultimate collector’s item, look into the My Singing Monsters Collectible Figures. These detailed vinyl models depict monsters in mid-performance. Each figure contains a chip that enables it to:

  • Play authentic in-game monster sounds when tapped
  • Sync up with other figures to complete the Plant Island song

Collect them all to assemble the Plant Island band! With crisp sculpts and fun electronic features, these are must-have pieces for completionists.

My Singing Monsters: The Board Game

My Singing Monsters is making the legendary jump to tabletop format with an upcoming board game currently funding on Kickstarter. In this cooperative game for 1 to 5 players, you’ll work together to:

  • Collect resources to build Monster habitats
  • Recruit musical Monsters to fill your world with song
  • Stop the Harmony Disruptors attempting to silence the islands

With colorful pieces, island exploration, and monster interactions, it captures the whimsy and strategic depth of the digital game. The campaign crushed its funding goals, showing the enthusiasm behind this release. Keep watch for My Singing Monsters: The Board Game to deliver Tactile monster fun in 2023!

Limited Edition Merchandise

For truly exclusive My Singing Monsters items, be sure to keep an eye out for limited edition drops, like the recent vinyl record release.

The My Singing Monsters Soundtrack Volume 1 vinyl LP pressed the game’s music onto a rainbow splatter record. With only 500 copies available, this collectible encapsulates the iconic My Singing Monsters soundtrack to display and enjoy.

Limited merchandise like this Vinyl requires dedication to acquire, but provides a rare artifact from the Monster universe. Stay tuned for future special edition releases!


What are the differences between Series 1, 2, and 3 toys?

Each toy series features different monsters and designs. Series 1 has a homemade, craft-like style, while Series 2 is more polished with a Collectors’ Edition. Series 3 combines creativity with quality, introduces new monsters, and has cohesive packaging.

How do I find my BBB ID to redeem toy codes?

To find your BBB ID, open My Singing Monsters, tap the options icon, choose Support, and your unique BBB ID will be displayed.

Can I redeem a toy code more than once?

No, each toy code can only be redeemed one time.

Are there any upcoming My Singing Monsters merchandise releases?

Yes! My Singing Monsters: The Board Game was recently funded on Kickstarter and is expected to release in 2023.

Can I buy My Singing Monsters merchandise in physical stores?

Some major retailers like Walmart and Target carry toys, plushes, and other merchandise in their physical stores. Selection varies by location.

What is the Plant Island song?

The Plant Island song is a familiar tune in My Singing Monsters that can be completed by syncing the electronic collectible figures from the toy series.

Are there any limited edition My Singing Monsters toys?

There are limited edition items like the My Singing Monsters Soundtrack Volume 1 Vinyl record, but no limited edition toys have been announced.

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With imaginative new toy designs, cool apparel, plushies, collectibles, and more, the world of My Singing Monsters now extends beyond the digital realm. Series 3 brings fan-favorite monsters to life with quality and attention to detail, making it a must-have for any Monster Handler. I hope this guide helps you discover the toys, merchandise, and collectibles that best fit your musical universe!


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