How to Breed a Shugavox in My Singing Monsters?

How to Breed a Shugavox?

Adding a Shugavox to your island is no easy feat, but the reward is well worth the effort. As a member of the exclusive Legendary Shugafam class, Shugavox brings prestige and musical talent to your habitat. Once you understand the specific breeding combinations required, you can hatch a Shugavox egg and enjoy this monster’s smooth melodies. Just be prepared for an extended incubation time, as Shugavox eggs take nearly 2 days to hatch!

Who is Shugavox in My Singing Monsters?

How to Breed a Shugavox?

Shugavox is a legendary monster belonging to the Shugafam class. It resides exclusively on Shugabush Island and was added to the game in December 2013 with the 1.2.4 update. Known for its blue coloring and lyrical scatting vocals, Shugavox is a rare find that can only be acquired through breeding.


Shugavox’s unique song features scat vocals that sound similar to the lyrics of “Love or Money” by Kristian Bush. It sings tunes like “Shoobee dooo-ooo” in an improvised, jazz-like manner.

How to Breed a Shugavox?

Shugavox Breeding Combination

Shugavox can only be bred on Shugabush Island. The breeding combination is:

  • Shugabush + Deedge

This will result in a Shugavox egg after the incubation time. Sometimes an Epic Furcorn may result from the same combination.

Breeding Time

The breeding and incubation time for a Shugavox egg is:

  • Default: 1 day and 11 hours
  • Enhanced: 1 day, 2 hours and 15 minutes

So you’ll need to be patient for your Shugavox egg to hatch!


Shugavox egg

The Shugavox egg is white with blue spots and musical notes on it. It matches the blue coloring of the mature Shugavox monster.

Lives Here

  • Shugabush Island (Requires level 9 and 3 beds)


Shugavox enjoys the following decorative items on your island:

  • Mammott (Level 2)
  • Floofy Nest (Level 24)
  • Flappy Flag (Level 9)
  • Puffle Tree (Level 14)

Monsters Who Like Shugavox

The following monsters have increased happiness when placed near a Shugavox:

  • Furcorn
  • Viveine


Shugavox does not have any costumes.

Feeding Requirements

Level Food Required
Level 1 4
Level 2 8
Level 3 12
Level 4 16
Level 5 20
Level 6 26
Level 7 32
Level 8 38
Level 9 46
Level 10 54

Monster Variations

The Shugavox has no variation monsters.

Coin Prices

  • Buying Price: 700 Diamonds
  • Selling Price: 525,000 Coins

Earning Rate and Maximum Income

Level Per Minute (at 100% Happiness) Maximum Coins
1 22 3,762
5 88 15,048
10 176 30,096
15 290 45,143

Egg Consumption

Shugavox consumes 4 eggs per level up until level 20.

Placement XP

Placing a Shugavox earns 50,000 placement XP.

Possible Monster Names

Possible names for Shugavox include:

  • Blu
  • Scats
  • Jazz
  • Improv
  • Scatman

And other jazzy, scatting-inspired names.


With its snazzy vocals and prestigious status, the legendary Shugavox is a coveted monster in My Singing Monsters. Following the tips above, you can breed this rare monster by combining a Shugabush and Deedge. Then listen as Shugavox scats out charming tunes on your island! Just be prepared to wait almost 2 days for its egg to incubate. For dedicated monster breeders, it’s worth the wait to add Shugavox to your musical habitat.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take to breed Shugavox?

Default breeding and incubation time is 1 day and 11 hours. With enhanced breeding structures this is reduced to 1 day, 2 hours, and 15 minutes.

What two monsters do I need to breed Shugavox?

Breed a Shugabush and a Deedge to have a chance of getting a Shugavox egg.

Can Shugavox be bred on any island?

No, Shugavox can only be bred on Shugabush Island once you reach level 9.

What does a Shugavox egg look like?

The egg is white with blue spots and musical notes.

Why is Shugavox so rare?

As part of the legendary Shugafam class, Shugavox is one of the rarest monsters in the game. It also requires high level monsters to breed.


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